Crafting / Secondary Weapon

I think that crafting could be added, because rod is hard to get…
So, you could add a crafting gui in inventory ( something like minecraft xd )
and you could craft there a rod like, you would kill a spider, and get like 3 strings, 1 stick in starter village and craft a rod.
Or add secondary weapons, for example, warrior could equip a shield or two swords,
or hunter can have two daggers or a bow or mage - staff and a “energy” shield that you would throw on ground and it would make a shield like in Overwatch

the fishing rod? you can get it for free.

i suggested this earlier today

its free lol
go to Seaside Path then search around in the water for the Crabby Den then look near the bottom and you’ll fine a hole that leads into a cave where a chest is. Inside the chest is the fishing rod.

Yeah I just found out on YT, sorry my bad xd

have fun fishing

That energy shield is so bad XD, just make it a spell book or something that increases damage or a stat, an energy shield would be a skill if it was added

A warrior wouldn’t be able to dual weild but maybe some other subclass.