Crafting option

maybe make a crafting option where you can find loot and use the loot to make weapons and potions. I just thought this would be a good idea because rather than just killing enemies and getting gold. You can make items that would be of use besides buying it.

We were considering at some point allowing players to craft, but we’re not sure the entire capacity in how this could work. Definitely worth looking into and fleshing out more.

My concern with crafting weapons would be the extent a player can do this. Would you be able to craft legendary weapons, or only certain lower-level weapons? If so, is it even worth crafting weapons when you get high level?

oh I see thanks for replying though and good luck with vesteria.

I believe crafting should be added maybe potions and things but also weapons and amour I think it should go to a bit lower level than boss drops so they will help you but now as strong as dungeon drops.

Could be done something like how BoTW does it. Based on what you put into the potion, it has different effects. A stone shroom + a regeneration flower = an armor and regeneration potion.

I was thinking about that, my friend has been playing this for a while and the red mushrooms don’t do anything so I was thinking if you could use like mushrooms to make red potions, ect.

Red Mushrooms can be sold for 10 each

They can? I never understood how to sell items. Can you clarify how to for me?

Go to a merchant, don’t buy anything. Open your inventory, go to your loot section and insert your item of choice into the slot and then say how many you want to sell. Then click the “OK” button

Ohhhh alright, thanks for the info

Maybe 5 red mushrooms and 1 elder beard = Big Healing Pot. (Level req. 3)
1 red mushroom and 1 spore = Healing Pot. (No Level req.)
3 spores = Blue Pot. (No Level req.)
5 spores and 1 elder beard = Big Blue Pot. (Level req. 2)

Seems interesting. I feel crafting would have an extent where you can craft legendary weapons and weapon scrolls, but there will be a level requirement, you will need very hard-to-get materials, and it will take alot of grinding.

Like a legendary mushroom sword or something that takes 2000 spores, 1000 red mushrooms, and 400 elder beards as well as 25 levels? It would deal 120 damage or something, would be unrestricted to any class, and would only be obtainable thru crafting?

This is a great idea. Worthy of my last vote. In fact, I originally joined the game thinking there would be crafting already implemented. It’s such a major aspect of pretty much every game like this. Not having it is like if we didn’t have shops.