Crabby Slayer: EP 1

doot2 doot


Where have I seen this before?

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With Goblins coming out in potentially the next update, you should make a reply to this thread that is similar, if you catch my drift.

I most certainly will.

the eye lmaoo good meme

now did you read the manga, or are you a fan from the anime?

When does the giant crabby come in?

Anime, started reading the manga though recently, it’s way better tbh. At least in detail.

How I see it, everyone in this thread is admitting to watching um cough explicit scenes.

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Don’t question it lol. I watched the anime too but I dropped it on 1st episode.

What, you never watched an anime before? Episode 1 was pretty much shock value, got me invested in some dude killing evil goblins though lol.