Crabby Den Teleport

When teleporting out of the Crabby Den I repeatedly got stuck in the terrain and just got flung out of the world. If I didn’t have blink I dont think there was any way for me to get out. Plz fix soon.

I am also having this issue

We’ll look into this, thanks.

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As A Warrior, The First Time I Spawned I Got Flung Out Of The World, However I Was Able To Just Move Forwards Before I Got Flung. I Don’t Know If Our Class Changes Anything About Where We Spawn Or Something Or How Psychics Work. But As I Already Mentioned I Can Just Walk Forwards.

I don’t have a warrior save yet, but I spawned inside with my mage and I could blink out, and with hunter I can double jump out. Idk

This issue is now fixed. I’ve shutdown all Seaside Path servers to ensure no servers have this bug anymore.