Cosmetics in vesteria

I have money i wanna spend on the game so if you don’t wanna make it pay to win which I actually really like, thx for that but can you maybe later add cosmetic stuff that cost robux with no game advatange aspects to it?

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If I recall, the game isn’t going to be P2W.

Interesting idea, but I don’t think that the cosmetics would be anything “game changing” if you would like to support the game it would be something that would be given in reward. Purchasing cosmetics wouldn’t be P2W as it wouldn’t change any aspects of the game other than the item or thing it will be put in.
An example would be particles or effects for swords, something cool to go on those. Any particle, or any effect of the devs choosing.

Yea that is exactly what I was thinking and should have worded it better. Thanks :slight_smile:

I totally agree, Pay2Win is boring and cosmetics are like Roblox’s gear, you can’t do anything with them but they look cool.