Cosmetics and other vanity items

While they were already confirmed in streams and other topics, i just wanted to expand and possibly give ideas and descriptions, and ways to obtain said vanity items.

Before i get into the fun stuff. Please no rolling to obtain stuff, not robux, but silver and bronze and all that, fr.

On how to obtain these items, you could implement a few shops around the world of Vesteria, with unique and different items only available in certain stores.

Some of the items you can buy at the store could give slight bonuses, like my +29 wep gives me +2 strength, although these bonuses need to be pretty mild, but still noticeable enough.

The price for these items could range from 50 bronze, to 15 silver, even higher if you wanted.

Although it could create a slight stigma, with an attitude of “Hah, you have cheaper stuff than me, im better!” While i have no ideas currently to fight that stigma if it does so happen to come into existence, there are people that are better at thinking of stuff like that.

And for the actual look of the items, be simple.

Some could have special effects, like a cape for 10 silver that gives +1 strength and +1 vitality, and it looks like its always blowing in the wind, or some gloves or arm guards that give +2 vitality, and have some cool liveries, once again these could create some stigmas, but that is unconfirmed as this community isnt toxic at all with a few players being the obvious exception.

And then there could be some rare vanity drops, from like an elder shroom or spider, or even a dragon skull that you could use as a helmet.

Speaking of stuff like that, you could make bosses and other mobs drop stuff that could be crafted into special armor, like spider skin armor, or dragon scale weapons and armor that give special bonuses to overall gameplay, and damage to said dragon or spider.

While thats all i have for this, feel free to reply and give more ideas/improvements or criticisms.

Go nuts is all i have to say with that!

I think an item worth 50 bronze wouldn’t be reasonable, considering the least valuable weapon, Wooden Club, is 100 bronze.

To be fair, you can buy a hat IRL for 5-20 bucks, and a decent machete or whatever for 50-120.

While scaling is a big factor here, i dont find it too unreasonable, considering 50 bronze is pocket change, unless rewards from beating up shrooms and other stuff have changed.

But, seriously though, 50 bronze is worth less than one crabby kill if you factor in all its drops. There would be no value in that item worth 50 bronze, thus no one will buy it since its so cheap. People would probably start off buying stuff with at least 1 silver in a shop like that.

Exactly though, sometimes people just want the item for its cosmetics alone, as there is most likely not another item with that look they’re going for.

And the price range i stated was for all levels, and why i put ‘Even higher if you wanted’ for situations like you stated, with people only buying items starting at the 1 silver price range.

wants fantastic frontier cosmetics

Oh wow, another person comparing vesteria to FF, im so surprised, you sure are adding things to this conversation!

50 bronze is equal to like 5 cents.

Seriously? And if you hadn’t actually looked, this has been requested before. Be nice to other users, you sound very sarcastic.

oi m8 when did i involve anything of comparing how the hec is wanting something from another comparing

Monster themed drops, such as dragons dropping dragon sword (warrior) / claws (rogue) / staff (mage) and armor and all that would be cool. Capes would be super epic.