Corrupted Government

With the implementation of tax, I would LIKE TO KNOW WHERE MY SILVERS ARE GOING. If the Vesteria government is wasting it, we should go on STRIKE. You should be putting the money in healthcare so I don’t have to pay half a silver for an orange potion.

Sincerely, America’s Hero
Gawd Bless Murica

I’m Canadian sorry

the vesterian government uses it to pay the beggar

and your grave costs 1/3 of your money when you die

Dang, the grave economy is so unstable. Graves can cost anywhere between 0 and infinity mushcoins! At any time!

They use it to pay for the funeral.

The silver is used by Berezaa to pay his workers

The silver is used for your transportation into other realms

God bless Canada /-.-/

Im American sorry