Cool tricks and dialogue

These are just some things I’d thought be cool to add without making the game easier since even though I don’t agree on it the game is gon be hardcore what’s done is done that debate is over so some cool passive features and pieces I thought be cool

-Certain magic abilities can light campfires and torches (example = meteor strike, flare,etc)

-When using light moves in a dark area that area becomes a bit brighter/more visible for a small amount of time

-Certain Magic’s cancel each other out (for example Dark Pulse And heal pulse will cancel each other out)

-Your eye color changes depending on your subclass for example a cleric’s eyes will become a light golden color like the npc’s

-Dialogue from certain shopkeepers pertaining to your class or health or even level would be pretty cool maybe even a Terraria quote from certain npc’s

That’s about all i could think of

Edit these are all useless, the entire point of these are to add more feel and aesthetic to the game

Thanks for the output tho, if you can add your own ideas onto this and maybe the devs will see it. Thanks👌

Sorcerer would just be sans2

but yeah this seems cool :D.

Trickster with bruh rainbow eyes.

I really like these ideas. I think the game needs a bit more feeling to it, and your options are a great start. The only NPCS that are class/faction sensitive are the leaders themselves. I think more dialogue that depends on your class would be cool. I also think more world interactions is needed. Different effects or animations when you open chests would be cool…

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What’s the point of this? You can already light up campfires just by going near to them and pressing your interact button (default set to ‘c’.) I get it would be cool and all but it’s pretty much pointless.

Only time I would find this useful would be in the sewers when you don’t have the lamp and a faint spawned. Other than that this could be fine.

I honestly think is would be pretty cool.

Just to keep it simple, maybe your class would do.

lol yeah
trickster could just have a clown face tho

But then my beautiful facial expressi ons.

Actually have it so the barber is like "Ahh, you joined x they came by earlier to restock me on some cosmetics, would you like to see free of charge?