Cool Scaling/Jumping Techniques for all Vesterians

As I’ve been playing Vesteria, I’ve noticed that many players have been complaining about Player Collisions, but overtime, I have found quite a few quirky glitches with them that can make climbing up structures a lot easier. You can also have a lot of fun using these tactics.

Super Jump

A super jump can give you about 3-5 times your normal jump height. This can be done easily by jumping on another players head and pressing space bar twice in quick succession. The less time between the two presses of Space, the more height you will get. You can also guarantee extra height by pressing Space, Alt (alternative method of jumping), then Space again rapidly for an even higher launch. This technique takes 2-3 Stamina to perform.

Rocket Launch

A rocket launch can allow you to reach incredible heights! You must have two people with you to do this. Have one person be the base of the Vesterian tower you are going to make, then be the body, and have one person be the head of it. Once everything is stable, spam Spacebar as fast as you can, and once your Stamina runs out, walk out of the tower. You will end up launching into the air. If you are a Hunter with Double Jump, make sure you don’t press Space outside of the tower or you will lose your upward momentum. Be careful where you land as you would have no stamina left to run.

Piggyback Launch

You can start off with a run and end off with a high jump, perhaps going higher than a normal super jump would. You just need time your jump (with a double/triple press of Space) while running towards a player. This will 3-5 Stamina to do. Timing this very well with less time in between spaces could make your jump more powerful!

These work best with Aviator Hat, Yeti Boots, and 5 DEX.

Techniques in Action


Did you really just make a tutorial out of bugs? :weary:

Im in the post POGGERS

hey I remember this when it happened.

So let me explain what I was talking about on Discord:

Using the Rocket Launch glitch and perfect synchronisation and movement, something like this should theoretically be possible:

The circles in the image represent players. The red circle represents the player on the bottom of the stack, and the blue player represents the player on the top of the stack.

This example uses a stack of 7 players at the beginning, although any odd number of players would work. In this case, all players in the middle of the stack should be able to build rocket launches off of each other.

Each player then performs the Rocket Launch glitch and moves in the exact same direction for the same amount of time in the same orientation, which should result in them eventually re-stacking in the air. You can see how each middle players becomes a part of the next stack, with the middle players directly above/below the top/bottom players respectively in the original stack becoming the new top and bottom players in the new stack.

From there, the players in the middle of the new stack would repeat the process described in the first stack. To determine the amount of players each step would have if you actually did this, you could use the equation n - 2x, where “n” represents number of players in the original stack and “x” represents number of cycles.

Unfortunately, this is obviously not humanly possible. No matter how coordinated you try to be, you would more than likely never be able to synchronise to the perfect degree required for this. Not to mention the issue of getting even 3, let alone 5 or 7 players in a perfect stack. But theoretically, it would work as far as I can tell.

Back in SQR, our whole party were made up of mages and the super jump helped the get the hunter cog.


what about vertical blink tho

Forgot about it XD

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You make a good point. Theoretically though you could recharge some stamina in the air and then use that little bit of stamina to continue.

But you wouldn’t be able to jump enough

Recharge stamina in the air? I’m pretty sure being in the air (Not on the ground) makes it so you can’t recharge your stamina.

Welp, another thing I gotta test.

just jump off a cliff and watch stamina

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