Cooking/cook NPC

Cooking with campfire

So we have items in the game already that should be able to be cooked. We have fish, hog meat and fruits. My idea of how cooking should work is as follow. Food should be able to be cooked near a campfire by holding it in your offhand. While holding it in your offhand near a campfire it will slowly change color. Once you attack by clicking or use an item the cooking should stop and the item should be placed back into your inventory. You can cook stuff to 3 qualities.

  1. Too quickly cooked, the item is the same as before it was cooked and got no special effects. It can be cooked again if the player wants to.
  2. It’s cooked just fine, makes it eatable or if it already was eatable the effect are increased or a buff is added.
  3. Burned, un eatable and is removed from the inventory. Or could still go to the inventory but it would give negative effects.

The quality is determined by the game like a piece of hog meat. It should be above the fire for 30-60 seconds and between that it’s randomized so it could be 30-40 seconds or 50-60 seconds.

Cook NPC

An alternative to this cooking would be a NPC. This NPC could be found in any town and has shop. Instead of paying with coins you can buy his cooking’s for double the ingredients. Since this shop system can be made easier the food variety could be a lot bigger. With a NPC as cook you could make meals that have multiple ingredients and have serious buffs.

Crafting in inventory

This is a last idea I have for cooking. It would also require you to be at a campfire for cooking some meals. But the cooking in your inventory would be go through merging. You have two drink, just combine them. This way you can make compacter potions and drinks. There should also be a couple of combinations that do not work or give you negative effects. This would of course not be limited to just potions and drinks but also food. You can make salads or just a fruit combination by merging them together.

In the end I just want a cooking system to make food more a part of this game. Even though we have drinks that give small bonusses and mushroom soup that is OP. I really think this would add something to the game even if it’s just a little.

Kinda remind me of runescape

I mean, we are getting more typical resource gathing-esque features, like the fruit trees, so I could totally see this being a thing.

Kinda like Brody’s idea.

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mm roasted apple

Okay, but what about combining cooking and a cook NPC and instead give players the ability to cook NPCs?

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I think that a cooking system similar to starbound’s would be really cool to see in vesteria. I think it would be a fun thing to do.

It would give the campfire an actual function. I personally wonder why when standing near a campfire, you get a campfire icon at the bottom of the screen, does it already have some sort of function?

It gives you idle healing. If you have enough VIT, there’s a perk where the hp received is increased.

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