Consumables with debuffs

Okay, now you may be thinking what the hell is this guy thinking, making items that have debuffs. Well, it’s not entirely debuffs but here’s what I was thinking, I’ll use an example: Coffee. So when you consume “Coffee”, you would gain a temporary Dex and Str (maybe not str but its just an example), and once the time runs out for the consumable, another longer but weaker debuff of the said stats will occur. This would be good for cheap items used by newer players, or people who want to save money/dont have money. It’s not a good thing for lots, but it’s just a sweet feature in an RPG. Would like to see this in-game.

i played a minecraft server with something like this

if it were me, i would have, when you eat the coffee, you would get +7 DEX, if you try to stack it, the time limit (which would be 3 minutes) will decrease by 30 secs. once the 3 minutes are up, you will get -3 DEX and -1 STR