Confirmed Price Tag for Paid Alpha?

Has the price for PA changed? Or is it consistent with 1,000 R$?

No, it hasn’t as of yet. Not from my understanding anyways.

Berezaa May Be Considering Lowering It To R$800 Due To The Convenience Of Buying.

Yeah, I saw that message. It wasn’t highlighted so it’s not confirmed, but it brought in some consideration and flexibility.

Don’t you think I know that, he replied under my topic. Lol.

I Just Want To Say That So Anyone Who Sees This Topic Won’t Try And Respond With The Exact Same Thing Like 50 Times.

i’m sure that their going to lower it, that way they’d likely have more players buying it than people having to spend extra robux just to get enough for paid access

We don’t think we’ll lower it. Every time we release a bomb update, we believe it will convince more people to get the game. We’re going to keep making the game better and better until more and more people think that it’s worth the price.

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But the majority of us already believe its worth the price, its just the fact that some people who can’t buy the 80 robux package have to buy $15 worth of robux, so 200 robux would be left to waste

i mean we could use that extra robux for u know payed content like skins XD (pls let there be skins “cough” black and green outline striping sorry i am allergic to good content)