Confession Time

I have a confession to make

I don’t like bagels, I hate donuts, and I eat my cereal without milk. I eat it raw and hard.

Ok bye

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bro whats wrong with you.
why dont you like donuts.

all mate made a confession. what a madlad

Okay, bagels are pretty plain and I don’t like them much, but donuts!? Also, I can get it if you don’t like soggy cereal, but completely dry is only good as a snack. smh smh…

How no donuts

How the hell do you not like doughnuts

It’s like taking the bread out of the bagel, replacing it with sugar, than coating the crust in sugar, putting a frosting, and putting more sugar, don’t forget the sugar.

Tl;dr, donuts are too sweet.

I can call someone retard on fourms right? O I can… well… you are retard.

bro u just post low effort ur post gets taken down

Bro, you just gave me a meme idea

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bro gib credit or meh kil yew

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Don’t worry bro, I’ll tag you when I done creating it

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The question is, what cereal do you eat?