Conditional attacks?

There should also be attacks that can only be done under certain conditions. One of them would be a backstab, where if a player/NPC attacks but misses the opponent, then during the attack cooldown the opponent can move around the player/NPC do a backstab which does a ton of damage.

Next would be a descending attack, where if you attack while falling, then your character will be in a hold position in mid-air falling even faster. By the time you land, you will take fall damage based on how high you’ve fallen, and deal a certain amount of damage based on how high you’ve fallen.

Finally if you attack someone in mid-action, they will take a bit more damage than your average swing, and the action your opponent tried to do will be cancelled if they’ve been hit a certain amount of times based on the action. This will be the same for attacking, based on the weapon type you have.

I think there will be certain skills (like a back stab) that deal more damage under certain conditions. There is a skill that you can activate mid air called Ground Pound (or something). Also, I’m not sure if you know this but Vesteria isn’t a turn based RPG, saying “mid-action” doesn’t make much sense because most of your attacks will be timed to be in the middle of your enemies action anyway.

I like the idea, just try to expand more.

I definitely plan on implementing abilities like this.

For example, Assassins will have a back-stab ability that only works if you activate it from behind the target but it does massive damage.