Concerning My Topics Being Closed

Recently three of my topics have been closed and two of them have been unlisted. Apparently this is because they contain “exploiting” and “harassment/personal attacks”. Let me show you how ridiculous closing these topics is.

  1. Exploiting
    Why is the world is this topic restricted from being discussed on the forums? There’s no such rules in community guidelines that strictly say “No Talking About Exploiting”. I am literally denouncing exploiting yet it’s not allowed here for some unknown reason.

  2. Harassment/personal attacks
    Now, let me get this clear, I DID NOT harass anyone in my topics. I mentioned names and posted screenshots to show credibility. If you just mention that someone is duping hundreds of gold per second without showing any screenshot or mentioning who it was, it wouldn’t sound believable AT ALL. If what I did was harassment, why did the guy I “harassed” like my post?

In conclusion, I personally don’t think my topics should have been closed. This is an abuse of leader powers and I will not let it pass by so many times. What do you think?

  • The posts should’ve stayed open
  • The posts are rightfully closed.
  • Idk I’m an idiot like Megami_Xolze

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I think it’s public shaming that’s not allowed.

Also shouldn’t this be off-topic.

calling out people is a general rule of the forums, you wouldn’t like it either if someone put you on the spot


Megami is confirmed to know nothing about the constitution.

I’m going to have to steal that one for my classmates to see.

Im going to steal that aswell

It depends on the context really, and if the guy I mentioned in my post didn’t like it then he wouldn’t have liked the god damn post :weary: Also about the free speech part, maybe saying this is abusing leader permissions is a more suitable way of wording it.

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they’re supposed to do that lmao. not breaking rules

There is NOTHING inappropriate with my posts.

Ben explained why it was closed?

And I countered the points in this post that you didn’t bother reading.

i’m not trying to whiteknight here, but if the mods close every post reporting an exploiter i think that like says something

There’s is no such rule against reporting exploiters but even if there is, my posts aren’t about reporting them, it’s showing how they can affect and game and telling people to mentally prepare for a data reset if Axdrei did what he say he will do.

he liked because it concerned him and he wanted to say something, that’s common on forums. people don’t always really like berezaa’s posts but they like anyways


  1. your post deliberately called out Axdrei, you couldve left his name silent, but nah everyone gotta know. in practice you practically were foreshadowing him exploiting, which also gave off the theme “axdrei is going to exploit in the future and ruin it.”
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berezaa is berezaa, ROBLOX game developers are treated as idols. And also, I wouldn’t like a post if I disagree with it/thinks it’s attacking me.

he wanted to say something now stop bickering about it lmao

not a big deal