Community ideas that Berezaa can read, please give feedback

I made a document talking about different features I would want to see in the game. It’s a little to big to put in a forum post, but if anyone wants to look at it and give me suggestions, that would be great. Thanks :slight_smile:

giant enemies alredy exist.
runes also exist too alredy.

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I’m sorry, I didn’t explain this very well. In this case I’m talking about 1 large boss mob that is separate than others, not the giant versions of regular mobs that spawn in the map.

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oh, you mean like a giant chad?

Kind off. It would essentially be a boss that is nearly unkillable, and wanders the map hunting players. There would be signs that it is coming, and players would have to avoid it, or gather an enormous amount of other Vesterians to kill it. Think of it like a natural disaster (I just thought a mob would be cooler)

what about your rune idea?

Those aren’t for teleportation, but instead for temporary buffs, much like berserkers and knights ability

oh k.

i like maps


This was a very high effort and epic post, I’d love to see some of these features in the game

I like it

I think they deliberately don’t want rebirth to have many of the features you described, such as new rebirth only maps. It’s a vehicle for you to re-experience the game as they add new content, not THE new content.

its you yet again….

Ye I saw him too… he has now responded to 2 of my posts

Check your doc.

I did. Thanks for the feedback


No, he’s got some genuinely good ideas.

i know.