Community Discord!

Hey fellow Vesterians! I would like to personally invite you all to help me start a community discord for all of us. Here you will be able to easily meet new and veteran players, ask for help, find raid parties and so much more. Come say hi, and if you have experience running discord servers, you might be able to help run this one! Heres the link, it will never expire!

Now there’s a million community discords.

Didn’t know there was one already. Could you link it?

Its fine, although there already is a channel for those who bought the game in

There’s also the one Sammy McSam owns

which is the best one :wink:

it doesn’t matter. we should all just be in one.

Divided we stand, United we fall *wink wink*

I think you meant to post this in #gameplay-improvements:bug-reports