Come To The Golden Mu*shroom* Dealer

With the removal of Mushapoc for higher level players, come buy your golden mushrooms from the non shady Fanta’s Golden Mushroom Shop :+1:

How much a piece?

how much

how much mushrooms you have?

What are your prices?

Where are u???

hes obviously in the shady fight club in nilgarf

Lol Why

hes being shady and selling questionable items

Wait your saying I can just kill em and take the shrooms? I am totally doing that Joking so uhhh fanta when can we meet up bring all your shrooms

Shroompocalypse is no longer accessible? The questor is still there … what’s the problem here?

Also, Golden Mushrooms aren’t too terribly difficult to get, just a matter of getting on at the right time of day… yesterday there was a nearly full Colosseum, people were getting dropped Marks left right and center.

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It is capped now to level 20s.

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I remember that lol

I’m going to make it my life’s mission to get my mage and hunter in full colo gear now

Welp… Time to start rebirthing slots.

Pro Tip: Get all your slots to level 20 (at least), then do kill trades with each slot. Easy 20 Marks a day. Also, Ravager Vest is super good now, it’s finally been given its own perk.

You were there too?

I connected into that mess… Stupidly left off in the Colo cuz I was gonna try for kill trades … then that happened. Just had to rune out of there JFC too much lag.

Um, If This Is Real Don’t Tell People Your Personal Info & If Its A Joke :joy:

How are you going to get them?

Rebirth slots duh
Just get one save to lvl 10, make it a warrior, get some good lvl 10 warrior equips (insert full cursed rusty armor and full ancient str rusty sword here) and farm Shroompocalpyse exclusively on it, when it gets to lvl 21 rebirth it and repeat ad infinitum.