Combat (possible) improvement? and enemies to fill in stuff

1. Combat Ideas
1a. In SPTS once you go in something that isn’t your level, you take much more DMG then if you are < that level.
So for spiders they do 150 dmg, but at level 15< they do 120 etc
1a summary: Monsters do more DMG at a certain level or past.
1b. To fill in the large level gap, make more monsters that are different sizes like the Baby Shroom
Baby Shrooms are level 1
Shrooms are level 3
Elder Mushrooms are level 5
Notice any pattern?
If you guessed that it was +2 you were right.
So in order to find the Crabby’s baby variant’s level -2, (there doesn’t seem like too many enemies so)
(no baby crab because that’s an elder mushroom)
Stronger Crab +2 (8)
Elder Crab +2 (10)
Baby Spider: -2 (13)
Stronger Spider: +2 (17)
Elder Spider: +2 (19)
Also x1.5 on the XP for each variant

Edit: I’m adding EXP
Stronger Crab: 10.5
Elder Crab: 13
Baby Spider: 8
Stronger Spider: 14.86
Elder Spider: 20.24
TL;DR: Make more enemies just bigger/smaller for now to fill in the gigantic level gap, and make the enemies damage more depending on your level.
Well I can’t think of more so that’s the end

the end

meh, enemies could be more creative then just rescaled monsters. Maybe there could be variants?

That would be for later because they don’t have the time for 5 more models for enemies

I mean, they don’t need to be completely different models. It could be a rescale and slight remodel, maybe it could be what you said except the stronger monsters could look cooler with different designs as well as larger. Along with unique names for each mob.

Do You Know The EXP For Each Default Enemy? Or Will You Wait For Someone To Say It?

Nofear the exp received from each monster is based on your level, there is no “correct” amount of xp a monster gives because it is always changing.

I’m Talking About If A Level 1 Kills It, Since That’ll Be The Actual EXP It Gives, Then You Just Need To Do An Equation To Lower It Due To The Level.