_ Combat ideas _

I heard people getting bored of the combat in vesteria because it is the same thing over and over again so I thought about thinking of ideas on how to fix this.

1.) My first idea was maybe if a monster was about to attack you it would show like an exclamation point over their head and you could press a button or maybe click a skill to dodge the attack and do damage. I thought for warriors for the roll skill you could roll behind the monster and do a back slash. For the mage I thought of maybe teleporting the monster in the sky and taking fall damage. For the hunter skill I thought maybe you could do a jump of faith and throw daggers at the monster. And for the adventure you could hold down your mouse and it would charge up your weapon and make you swing your weapon around you damaging monsters around yourself.

2.) My next idea was that maybe you could possibly sneak up on an enemy and while doing so if you manage to surprise attack the enemy it could maybe do critical damage. I just thought it may have been cool to see a stealth ability added to vesteria to make things more interesting.

3.) My third idea was if there would be weapon stats. When I mean weapon stats I was thinking like a weapon that could do more damage or give more health or maybe critical damage. But then again making weapons with stats would be difficult because one weapon could be way stronger than another although they are the same level. To solve this problem it could maybe involve in what you want your character to aim for like support.

I just thought these ideas could help with the game and make it more interesting.

Check My overall opinions on this game (Probably way too long, TL;DR at the bottom) Where Berezaa Says That Adding Things To Combat Isn’t What They Are Going To Input For Some Time.

oh okay thanks

I’m Always Here To Help.

For the third thing, that already exists. You can get scrolls by killing monsters or from a shop in the enchanted woods. They let you increase the damage of your weapon and, if you are really lucky, give you a stat boost as well.

oh I didn’t notice that but thanks for the heads up.