Colosseum Revamp

I don’t ask for much, but I was wondering if you can scatter a few interactive training dummy’s around the corners of the Colosseum. it’s important for people like me to get feel for ability hit boxes and how I land them and I think it’d be easier to condition myself if I started with an unkillable stationary object. It’d also be nice if the training dummy took damage, but didn’t die, that way I know how much damage I’m doing.

Epic, but I think they might add that in other places. Berezaa said that he might make more places for pvp, such as little training houses, or gyms I guess.

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Can he name it Jim’s Gym


Maybe add a little area which can only be accessed through some special way, which leads to under colosseum and sparks a quest, upon seeing hundreds of dead bodies and skeletons. a m a z i n g