Colosseum ranked pvp

I saw a post earlier about just base pvp ranks, and i thought about maybe having a mode in the colosseum that allows you to go to a ranked 1v1 arena. I was thinking a main overall leader-board with separate ladders for each class, but an overall ranking system with end of season/week rewards.
Just wanna hear what yall think about my idea. Of course I’m not talking about in the upcoming weeks, but maybe in the future to keep in mind.

Yo I love this idea, I hope it gets implemented!

I made a post about how the pvp could work as: PvP Based Content

Also Berza also did confirm that he’d add pvp based content in the future.

I do like this idea, but I urge it be postponed until some major bug and exploit patching. We don’t want people farming the Colosseum with mountains of potions or exploits, just for the ability to be on that board.

I also made a post similar to this one: Leaderboard System and Dueling Idea

I think this is a good idea but also agree that something like this should not be implemented until much more content and patches are released.

Potion cooldown is going to be a thing in this game, Polly confirmed it. Also Mages are going to be good in the next update, and hunters can also be good if they have their hitboxes bigger.