Co-Op Save Slots

Honestly, one thing I think I’d really enjoy is some form of a permanent party up, similar to a co-op type of experience.

I’m gonna put a TL;DR first and then explain in better detail using a spoiler.

Everyone who is online is forced to share a bank storage together, they all share the same coin purse, etc. Not everybody has to be online to play on a co-op slot, but anybody who joins might not find themselves with the same coin balance next time they join.

I might have finished off the day before trading items away in Nilgarf, but then the next day I joined to see that my buddies are just entering the Warrior Stronghold. I would get a prompt asking if I would like to warp to their server or stay in Nilgarf where I left off. We would have access to a cross-server chat system where I could say “Hey, could you please try to leave me at least 500 silver? I’m trying to build up to buy a Spider Fang Dagger.” And then they could reply right from the stronghold without needing to join me.

It could be really fun to experience.

The long, more explanatory version of what I said above.

So, essentially, in the future, you’d have your normal singleplayer slots, but then also your dedicated co-op slot(s). With these, before you even design your character, you type out a bunch of usernames of people you want in it with you. If they’re on your friends list and own the game, you could directly invite them to play using the website’s chat feature. Once they’ve all joined your server, that’s when you design your characters. After that, it displays them all side by side, and asks “Are you sure you’d like these players to join you? You only get a maximum of X lifetime members, so if they leave and don’t rejoin, you’re out of luck!” Once you’ve accepted the prompt, it sends you all to Mushtown.

At this point, you see that you’re all part of the same party, and you can’t kick the others or leave it like a regular party. To top it all off, their panels in the party interface are red instead of blue. I’d personally see it fit to only allow 3 co-op members at a time, with a lifetime total of 9 members (including yourself). This way, if your two friends leave, you can still invite two more, up to three times before it becomes what is essentially singleplayer again, unless your old friends request to rejoin. To top this off, you could make a co-op slot while not inviting anybody at all, then join into Mushtown and invite total strangers to join you. (#NoFriendsGang)

With a maximum cap of 3 co-op members, it doesn’t mean you couldn’t still invite people to party with you as long as your whole co-op was grinding in the same room. Parties would still act as normal for everyone else who wasn’t part of your co-op, except that if they invite one of you, they are forced to invite all of your co-op members, and when they kick one of your co-op members, they kick all of your co-op members. To signify a co-op on someone else’s party interface, names would be green instead of red or blue. This way, you could potentially make a party with a co-op of 3, a co-op of 2, and a single player, leaving 3 screens seeing 3 red, 2 green, 1 blue, another 2 screens seeing 3 green, 2 red, 1 blue, and one screen seeing 5 green and 1 blue, just as an example.

It could still be possible to join parties without all co-op members present however, just your name would be blue and your co-op members would be placed below the party interface while you went and did something else. One of you could be doing the spider queen raid at level 35 while one of you is a lowly level 11 doing the mushpocalypse or whatever.

What do you think? Does this sound like a good idea on paper? Do you think it would work in execution? Please do let me know!

  • I think it would work well in theory.
  • I think your idea sucks.
  • I think it would work well in action.
  • I do not think it would work well in action.
  • Other (Please post a reply).

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I think this idea is too complex and serves little purpose.

Lots of RPGs have co-op elements, including shared save files. I don’t see why Vesteria couldn’t.

Plus, I only made it this complex since the guide before posting says to describe it like you’re telling someone who’s never played Vesteria before.

serves little purpose, i wouldnt want to share slots with people and i dont think you should expose someone to so much when they join

and even then, this takes time and effort to make, and the little purpose that can be solved by discord or server switching