Cleric's flare cooldown needs shortening

The buff was great, it allowed us to magic bomb with more coverage and made flare from a useless ability that pretty much flicked all monsters within the 64 range and gave a bandage of 25 hp to all party members. Along with that, flare can heal people that aren’t even in partys. Here are the new stats:

Level 1:

Level 5:

Level 10:

The power 200 at max, 100 at level 1.

Considering the power, it’s not that bad, looking at thundercall:

However, I feel like the problem lies on the cooldown of Cleric’s flare, because as you can see, it is 30 seconds, which is pretty much half a minute of waiting.

Remember that heal and res are not attacks, and rather, there to preserve yourself and your team. Holy magic allows you to have an improved magic bomb and an improved thundercall, which increases their power by 10 pretty much.

I’m not saying that Cleric should be a dps class, because honestly, it isn’t and shouldn’t be worser than sorcerer in the realm of damage. The problem is that when I want to clear a horde of mobs, I don’t want to have a worse version of meteor strike. Here is the stat of meteor strike level 1 & 10:

Level 1:

Level 10:

As you can see, obviously as a sorcerer, the power is higher and has an addition of the PercentHealthBurned due to the obvious fire casting.

However, this ability only takes 8 seconds to fire, but flare takes a whole 30 seconds. Now, before you tell me that sorcerer should have more dps, because I’ll just ignore you because I’ve given so many disclaimers, there’s almost no reason to use meteor strike while doing tons of damage to one creature, and it serves the main purpose of ending all the weaker monsters so the sorcerer and his/her potential team to proceed to attack the stronger monsters.

Flare at full heals 200 hp, and has the power of 200 and costs 51 MP, 5 more MP than max meteor strike. The only reason why meteor strike can be worse than flare is the heal, which is a 200 hp boost (like 2/3 of a orange potion).

I am actually aware of heal, and heal has these stats at max:

So anyway, along with damaging many monsters at once, flare should be able to be used more often because currently, it’s just a weaker meteor strike that has a little heal boost of 200 HP and takes 3.75x longer to cast (and 5 more MP if that even matters).

So I think flare and meteor strike should be the 2 area damage abilities, and thus should have the same cooldown if they can’t share their perks (one heals, one burns)

So you’re saying to make flare 8 seconds?

I’m not saying Cleric is OP but that seems a little too good for healing and a wide range.

Call me crazy but… 9 seconds seems nice.

remember that i have 1.8k hp w/ 4 vit

everything is worse than sorcerer in damage

meteor strike is a direct upgrade, at least make the cooldowns the same, 8 seconds

flare will still do signficantly less damage than meteor strike (50 power difference and burn dmg), but can heal (up to 200 hp)

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Actually, just curious, how many mage slots do you even have? Just asking.

2 lol but i plan to reborn my hunter so ill have 3


Tbh, I think it should be more of a burst the way it is. Perhaps it could use a power/heal buff to compensate for the high cooldown.

Wait I’m allowed to right?

flare cooldown balance suggestion not added or denied so its allowed

it wouldnt be allowed if it was irrelevant, like if flare was totally replaced, this topic would be worthless

bump, still think this needs to be looked at due to indirect cleric nerf