🤠 Clerics: Cleric Mercenaries



Founded: February 2, 2020 (2.2.20)

Guild Master and Upper Ranks:

  • VK_Viaspo (Guild Master)
  • Its_AlyssaAgain (General)


  1. Divine
  2. Seaside
  3. Green Winter
  4. Corrupted Awaken
  5. The Sanctified Order

Joining Requirements:

  • Be a Cleric main (you may also main other slots, so long as Cleric is one of them; you may be asked to prioritize your Cleric a little more)
  • Have Discord; join Guild Discord server
  • Be 13 years of age or older

Description and Introduction:

You probably don’t know us. We’re not too popular or known at the moment.

Currently, we have 14 members, so we’re not very big. It’s a bit hard to recruit members when they need to be Cleric mains, ones who are kind, but preferably not pushovers.

We have something special in store for our Guild, something that hasn’t been done before, as far as I’m aware.

We are mercenary Clerics.

We aren’t your toxic, terrible Clerics who force people to pay every res. We’re much more than that, and a lot less expensive. We may up the price as the difficulty in Vesteria rises, or as there is more demand and therefore a need to minimize it. Let me elaborate.

Mercenary Clerics for Hire:

Pay Rates: [Their Level (×2)]s per HOUR + a co-pay depending on the map (you must pay per map if you intend to stay, you may pass through the map with no need to pay)

Map Co-pays:

  • Whispering Dunes = 30s
  • Forsaken Isle = Just pay for the ticket
  • Colosseum = 25s
  • Shiprock Bottom = 15s
  • Scallop Shores = 10s
  • Enchanted Forest = 10s
  • Elsewhere = 5s (Excluding cities and dungeons)
  • Dungeons w/o Automatic Revive = 15s (Including SQR because res now works since corpses update)
  • Cities = Free

Conditions and Policies:

  • We do not force our Clerics to be hired.
  • We will never pay for your death penalty unless we revived someone else when you died first.
  • We work as normal Clerics while working; we will revive and heal others if we wish, and if you die within our cooldown, we will not pay for your penalty.
  • We will prioritize you and res you first and foremost while hired; this means we will revive you if you died before we could resurrect someone else that has died or if our skill is ready. In other words, if you die after someone else, and we have not revived them yet, we will stop what we are doing to revive you.
  • We will not harass you or disrespect you unless you treat us poorly.
  • You may pay the Cleric you have hired with whatever the Cleric allows.
  • You must pay the Cleric after or before the session of their hire. If the Cleric needs to leave early, you must pay them for their time and release them of their duties.
  • We will pay for your penalty if you die and it is entirely our fault (i.e. We revived someone else when you had died first; If your Cleric died before you this will not apply unless the Cleric put their selves in obvious & direct danger.)
  • We reserve the right to refuse service.
  • We have no obligation to follow your every order. We are people you have hired, not your slave.
  • We may give you discounts or exempt you from any charge; we may give special privileges to our friends and/or allies.

Please ask an Officer or higher up if you have any concerns or questions.

An Invite to Our Guild Server:


Server Name: :cowboy_hat_face: Clerics

Server Description: See above

Invite Link: See above

Server Staff: See above