Cleric Revive Tax

When you add death penalty make it so that if a cleric revives you they take 10% of your money (besides in dungeons) Also make it so clerics can revive people outside of their party.

rich player dies

all Clerics image

yes that would encourage clerics to revive people

NOOO NOT MY 100G that I lost to dumb cleric that can’t do their job!!1!2!2!2

why did you thumbs up to your own post?

because i agree with what i posted

shouldn’t you keep that in your mind?

why would i post something if i didnt want people to see it

i ment this

i mean its pretty obvious that i agree with what i posted, because who’s going to post something they dont like

i ment like if you don’t have a vote but you still like it you can put a thumbs up, and as we all know, if you vote your own thing, it won’t count. so a thumbs up in a new features or gameplay balance post is like a semi-vote

votes dont count anyways, if they did then stamina would be removed and death penalty wouldnt be coming (not that i dont like those things, because i do)

I am a Cleric main and even I disapprove. Maybe make it just, you know, a free Max MP refill after a revive, or just like 1% of the players’ money generated, so the player who died does not lose anything whereas the cleric will have more incentive to revive.

this would be easily exploitable as people can reset, get revived, reset, get money, if 2 people have 100g easy 1g a minute

oh right, I didn’t think of that.

Clerics could easily just go to a battlefield and resurrect, dip and get money for doing literally no work. Not like that isn’t what happens anyways…

That’s kind of mean and not really productive. My bad.

Maybe not make that a game mechanic, because then clerics can make deals with the person they revive. They can charge their own rate or trade for items. There would have to be something to stop scammers then…

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New trading methods and pricing ranges would be developed too, which could cause a surge in community involvement.

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That would a plus!

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Absolutely! With a surge, there could also be a newfound interest in other aspects of the game. It’d be so much cooler with a ton more new players roaming the lands!