Cleric Heal Bomb/New Staff Heal Perk

The Basic Idea
Ok so i was grinding in the wurm pit with my friends, and i had to run out into the midst of wurms to try heal them. I thought that it would be cool if holy magic, the cleric perk making bombs 10% wider and 10% more dmg or something, would actually heal people in your party,. This could also be applied to some rare staff if holy magic gets removed (confirmed). The healing of the bomb could scale with VIT, actually giving it a magic bomb use along with the other stats.

You could be using the Astrologist staff, spamming magic missile at the closer wurms, and, as your team mates run past at the back, you switch to your cool new perked staff and shoot a magic bomb to heal them, while also clearing the area around them. The bomb would heal the person, while also damaging all the enemies in radius.

How It Would Work With Other Stats
To make this work with the other stats, the list could be as follows:
0-29 VIT- does a base of 10% healing to players in radius.
30-59 VIT- base of 15% healing to players in radius.
60-89 VIT- base of 20% healing to players in radius.
90-119 VIT- base of 25% healing to players in radius.
120-149 VIT- base of 30% healing to players in radius.
Now, at 150 VIT, here’s where things could get changed. The 150 vit could have 35% base healing, OR it could rocket up and heal half the team mate’s hp (50%).

This could work with INT and DEX too, as the INT would increase the size of the heal-bomb, making the bomb be able to heal in a large radius, while the DEX could fire multiple bombs, healing the players multiple times.

I’ll post a bit more when I think of it later.

It’s been confirmed that holy magic is being removed. Also if it weren’t cleric dps would drop even lower.

Part of the idea was to say if holy magic was to get removed, then they could add it as the cleric mastery staff perk, or some other rare staff perk at lvl 45-50.

Ohhh, a staff perk? That seems like a good idea! Sorry for misreading. :slight_smile:

Yeah I should make that into a staff perk more than a cleric thing because I didn’t really know that it was getting removed, lol.

I don’t think it is confirmed. Ber says things a lot but doesn’t follow through unless he states it multiple times.