Clean Vesteria Music IDs

Mushtown - 2873878399
Tree of Life - 3176712097
Enchanted Forest - 2623450217
Nilgarf - 2819455864
Colosseum - 2528242905
Port Fidelio - 2670868249
Spider Queen’s Revenge - 2730184189
Old Mushtown - 2106564902
Warrior Stronghold - 2523052924
Redwood Pass - 2481008526
Shiprock Bottom - 3277574176
Forsaken Isle - 4331657373
Aboard the Wayferer - 4440404782
Farmlands - 2298177199
Gauntlet - 4623546164
Gauntlet (Hunter Occupied) - 1842664151
Whispering Dunes - 3383527606
MainMenu(During the Whispering Dunes update) - 1837755509
if u want another id i guess comment it i guess ill add it to the list

Just put the ID in like this: [insertIDherewithoutspaces] /audio

Edit: If you want to get an ID, go to dev console --> Memory —> sound and it will usually be the top. If it’s not the first few, you can save the screenshot and put it in an image to txt free online thing and if you do find a new ID, please add it to the list!. kthxbai


Lol other games have ‘radios’ so now that I know I’m gonna bump vesteria tunes everywhere


Spider Queen music?

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What about the music when you go underwater?

how about the old mushroom forest music?


You just ended my entire career lol :weary:

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lol big oof

Someone get me the ID for Shiprock bottom, that music is peaceful as

ill get it tmr

thank you :slight_smile:

cause im too lazy to walk there and im going to sleep soon

lol xd

got it yet?

Forgot lmao gonna go do it since I left of at colo


nvm its this - 3277574176

I dont even know why mushtown was in there to begin with

r u “Vesteria God”