Class Trees. This is so gonna be a leak, isn't it... .-

I went through the grinding AGAIN, and then I looked at what I was doing for a sec. I looked into my menu, and guess what I thought of… (upload://q56MMvmHS7Q9YvTVZ47o2rZujof.jpeg)

Yep. There are SIX books. I thought of this: Hmm… Multiple classes? Or sub-classes? I dunno.

And I said to myself… “Maybe there’d be special classes for picking this, or that. Time to do some research!”

So I looked around and saw this Topic: Sub-Classes For Classes?

After I read it: I was just… Wow. Yep. I got an idea for Class Trees.

Choices. :wink:

What do I mean? Well… You know you can get five classes, right? (There’s the adventurer class) Hah! Maybe there can be Twelve!

First choice is already here: Hunter, Warrior, or Mage.

But I think there can be more to this. Please let me know of your ideas, I would love to hear sub-class sets!

But as of now, I think of it like this:

The other choices can be, say, quicker attacks, for less DPS. Or MORE DPS for slower attacks. In comparison to each other, anyways. But, they always are better than the one you already have.

That’s kind of what I am thinking. Let me know if this is broken or not, please. XD

Thanks for reading, and this is Malcheonne (Custom name, not actually my Roblox Avatar name) signing off.

Are… Are they gone yet? Phew, okay. XD

Sub-classes have been confirmed multiple times and you are bit late here.
I would advise exploring the forums a little bit more.

Oh, okay then. XD

Yes they have lmao

I am really late into this. .-.

I know xD

Oof. XD Anyways, mind helping me with coming up with ideas?

Depends lol

I’m going to make the feature request forum requirements more strict

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