Class Quests, Weapons, PVE Criticism, and Why Quests Are Barren

All right so I started playing Vesteria very recently, so if you find some of these suggestions overlapping with what is probably coming out, that’ll be why.

Let’s get to the meat of the pizza.

Class Quests & Weapons: Since the Vesteria Team is planning on adding dungeons, and possibly even raids, a good way to add content into the game is making the players have class quests that require them to both explore the Vesteria world as of currently, and the dungeon(s). This makes the classes feel first and foremost individual, this will make each class feel they’re special. Another reason why this is a good idea is because this creates a bit more grinding for the class, and grinding is not a bad thing since it will make the class feel rewarding. That is to say, if right now as a mage I had to go through killing a bunch of mobs from the Vesteria world and gathering resources in order for my quest giver to craft my staff and then send me finally into the world but this time into a dungeon for the last few resources, the weapon I gain will feel a lot more special than if I just got it for free without any work. Going back to class quests, I think it would be a good idea to make the player do a chain of quests to unlock the future subclass they want to play. For example, I’m a mage and want to be a warlock in the future, so instead of giving me the ability to just become a warlock without any work, make me earn it by doing quests. One way of figuring this out lore-wise is by showing the warlock trainer you’re serious about what you want to become. “The trainer looks at you from top to bottom, ‘What business have you?’ ‘I wish to become a warlock,’ The warlock laughs and raises his hand as if to say ‘Begone, I have nothing to teach a mere student of feeble magic.’”

Another suggestion for quests: make more chain quests! Don’t ask for 30 resources of that, 30 resources of that, and 30 resources of that all in one big quest, make the player explore the world by going back and forth. It can be repetitive and even tedious, but that’s the entire point! One example of this is the Shadowmourne Questline, Google it.

PVE Criticism: I found that the new update with XP makes it difficult for me to level if I level killing lower level mobs. So it makes sense as a level 10 to move onto spiders, even though they will likely make it very difficult for me. Now, I know why we have a quest drought, because if quests existed as much as people desire, leveling to max level would be far easier and would make the reaching of max level far less meaningful. The criticism I have is the fact that XP is shared without a party, and people can simply ‘steal’ your kills. Steal, how? From what I observed, the system shares the XP based on how much damage is done to the mob, so if I do a bit of damage and someone comes in and does all the damage (high level players leveling), I get a very small amount of XP and the other player gets most of it and doesn’t get all of the XP. So, the problem here is the fact this makes it unnecessarily difficult for players at level 10 trying to do the logical thing, kill spiders since now there’s really no reason to kill goblins. I know the argument, “Join a party then.” Why am I forced to though? Why am I forced to have no other option than to join a party because of this system? Wouldn’t a better system be that a player tags the mob, the mob follows and tries to kill the player, if the player does not succeed in killing the mob then it resets and another can try. If the player runs away from the mob, the mob loses aggro (is no longer aggressive towards player) and goes back to the original position and is reset. This stops players from tagging mobs across the map all to themselves. What do I mean by tagging? If you damage the mob first then the mob ‘belongs’ to you. You gain 100% of the XP if the mob is killed, and someone could come and help you and kill the mob, but you still gain 100% of the XP. This eliminates kills being stolen, and players that want to level solo can do so, instead of begging people to join a party. And I mean begging. If you’re a high level who kills mobs easily, why should you care about being bothered to join a party or create one? Not only that this also makes parties far more useful since then more mobs can be tagged for that individual party, and it will make people want to join one more but it will also not make it a requirement!

All right, that’s my rant and I may or may not update the thread depending on what I think of. Also, I do not expect all or any of these features to be added immediately!

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That’s because it’s in detail…

Why even say anything?

The most detailed suggestions are, imo, the most interesting.

I don’t think that people who hit the mob first should get 100% of the exp. That would make it harder for lower levels to grind, and they can’t get higher levels to help them. It will make the grind for lower levels even harder knowing that you can’t work together.

Then you are in agreement with me, and I with you.

what if I dont have meat on my pizza

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are you upset for me saying i didnt read it

It is a rather immature thing to say imo

The post is in the wrong category anyways. Limits for requests are usually 1 per topic.

That is a valid point, but that would have been better to say.

I’ve gone ahead and moved this to #general-discussion. The feature requests category is intended for well-written and detailed posts about singular new features.

In response to your feedback, we know. 99% of the feedback we get like this is stuff we already have planned to be added before Beta. We know quests are lackluster, we know PVE progression is boring (duh, the highest level enemy is 15!) and we know there should be more ways to get items.

These are all things that we are planning to add to the game before Beta. Don’t forget where the game is right now in development :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t believe you read my post - at all.


Let me begin.

“I’ve gone ahead and moved this to #general-discussion. The feature requests category is intended for well-written and detailed posts about singular new features.”
What exactly was not ‘well-written’ and not ‘detailed’? Also, “singular new features.”? So it would be valid for the requests page if I made 3 separate threads on the matter?

Secondly, I gave the response to the public as to why lack of quests exist, I did not give my opinion on how there should be more or less, I simply said the why.

And thirdly, I know the game is in development, that doesn’t mean the issues should not be discussed for future planning, what about the PVE system which is not at all well implemented? Edit: I also stated at the end of the thread saying I do not expect anything to be added immediately. This implies that I am discussing the matters!

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Yes, if they were all requests for us to add a new feature to the game, not modify or change an existing feature.

You quoted killstealing as the biggest issue with the current PVE, but this issue completely revolves around the fact that the highest level enemies are 15 while the level cap is 30. This will naturally be a non-issue when more content is added.

Calm down, no one is angry at you for making your post. Threads that are made in the Feature Requests category are meant to be addressed at Staff, they are not for discussion. You are supposed to use #general-discussion for that which is why I moved your post.

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I was not aware you intended to add class quests, and specifically in the way I described. I also was not aware that you intended on adding class weapons for more individuality as I described in my post. Not only that, a modification of a system results in the addition of something new. Not only that, the PVE system I described is different and therefore new to the current.

The fact that you assumed that high levels won’t come and troll the new-comers describes to me how you failed to think ahead. If I were a high level and just came and killed the low level mobs, and this also is taking into account the fact there will be others in the zone doing the same killing of the mobs and possibly quests, I could grief/hinder several players. This is a result, again, of the poor implemented PVE system. It is also irrelevant that the highest mob is level 15 at the moment since you will still have several people doing the same killing and therefore XP will still be lost upon people coming to steal kills. Edit: They may also not be trying to steal any kills at all, rather trying to get as much XP as possible by damaging every mob, knowing they’ll get a piece of your pie.

For the third, I apologize for seeming angry, text is a very difficult thing for me. Though, I am disappointed that you neglected a lot of the things said. Edit, again: You can’t have suggestions without discussing them…

It may be like that when there are new/reworked quests for lower levels, but otherwise, the XP earned from lower level mobs is drastically reduced, so unless they are farming for a rare drop, what would be the point of grinding lower level monsters? For example, Mushtown is almost always empty when I visit it because there is no point in killing the Baby Shrooms at higher levels.

But it would be more worth it just killing your own mob, since you would get full XP and be more likely to get drops from them. Unless that area is crowded and mob spawns are highly demanded, that wouldn’t be an issue imo.

You ignored the fact I was talking about griefing/hindering players. This system can easily be used for trolling, just going around killing lower mobs as other players are trying to grind them. Right now that’s not an issue because not many people are playing, if the system isn’t changed, it will be an issue. Edit: Though it could be for grinding something out of the low level mobs, but this is likely not going to be the case. Still, it causes problems.

As for the second part, that depends entirely on the zone. If it is a zone that high level players are all going through, the mobs could be grinded for drops (as you said) or they could be grinded for XP, or quest items. Still, that’s a lot of variables for one zone, a lot of variables which will, again, result in problems. Edit, again: Apologies for the edits, I tend to think more things up. Anyways, I noticed the PVE system benefits the person that did the most damage, so people will definitely lose items.