Class Equipment Combinations?

In Vesteria, to be strong will you have to grind for 1 weapon or for a collection of items?

For example: In a game called the Realm of the Mad God, wizards have special rings, robes, spells, and staffs that give them small buffs that make them powerful. With the right collection of course.
I’m wondering if Vesteria will have that too. Possibly:

Mages: Rings | Robe | Staff
Warriors: Armor | Sword | Shield
Hunters: Knife | Cloak | Boots

And If you work hard enough (grinding, trading and etc) you could end up with a really strong combination of the 3 items, giving you buffs and making you strong in a specific area, (dps, hp etc).
Sorry If this doesn’t make sense, I don’t know how else to say it.

I just had an idea… What if we can get dual wielding as an class equipment combination?

Warriors have a sword and a shield
mages have a spell book and a spell staff
Hunters have a Knife and either (trap, crossbow, or poison)

i would be glad if they add dual shield i always use it iin other games when its possible especially DARKSOULSS