Class Enhancement Concepts for Knight

guys I have been thinking for a the enhancement of knight and I think what would be cool is like you have a “dark knight” or a “kings royal guard” for the subclasses of knight
Dark knight
-has higher dps but is a lot faster and has lower health-
-Is more focused on buffing oneself and taking on more than one thing at a time when his buffs are on-
-His armor could be black with red with flaming eyes when he is buffed-
-His sword’s named could be the “dark heart” which could be a short sword or a longsword

King’s royal guard
-Has very high health but less dmg and is a lot slower-
-It is more on protecting your teammates with large Aoe atks and taking dmg for your teammates
-he could have golden armor and has the kings crest on his chest plate-
-his sword could be named “Knights promise” and be a short sword or a long sword-

I am just putting down my thoughts so yea

I believe there are subclasses for warrior already like those. Like Blademaster(DPS) and one other im forgetting.

there are 3 blade master knight and duelest

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Apologies if this is rude, but no. Warrior subclasses are Knight (Tank) Paladin (holy magic stuff) and Blademaster/dualist/doesntreallyhaveaname (dps)

there will be brANCHES TO SUBCLASSES sry caps

I even said it :confused:

I’m totally in support of subclass branches, but you replied to pizza and acted as if blademaster and dualist were different things for overarching warrior subclasses, while at the same time completely disregarding paladin.

sry I forgot paladin was one of them

No problem, everyone forgets things, but it’s fairly important to remember as it has been described as having some healing abilities and possibly some party buffs, like what you described.

Shortened and cleared up your title.

So basically you’re giving a subclass what it already has and Dark Knight/King’s royal guard is quite over the top I’m just criticizing tho no harsh feelings

subclasses are more than likely to have branches so I am saying that

we dont even have the subclasses yet, bit too early to talk about Enchantments (name poly called them)

Its just a thought might as well

I know, was just saying how the names were over the top

“Dark Knight”
“Dark Heart”
“King’s royal guard”
“Knights promise”

Also the sword names are complete irrelevant as there are Name Tags which are used for those specific uses

I still don’t get whats wrong with putting down my thoughts

Never said there was anything wrong was just stating my own opinions

what if to assasin
*reaper–can use heavy weapon like scythe
*dagger specialist–can use dual wield dagger

Necrobump, don’t think this is relevant as subclasses are out. @Meta please close.