Class Balancing Analysis - Alpha 1.1.2

This is a remake of my topic for balancing classes

So I am rewriting it to fit classes now (tbh, I might to this whenever there is a significant change that would affect 2 or more classes).

This is based on the classes as of Patch 1.1.2.


Warriors are dominant in the following:

  • DPS (highest damaging abilities compared to any other class)
  • Sustainability (has the highest Defense armor and high STR stat investment)
  • Crowd control (can easily clear out and tank groups of enemies with high-damaging basic attack)

Warriors are weak in the following:

  • Extremely bad mana efficiency (can be solved with high INT stat)
  • Magic capabilities (can be solved with high VIT stat)
  • Mobility (can be partially solved with high DEX stat)

My Opinion

That being said, using Warrior skills aren’t nowhere near their MP cost anymore. For some reason, my 0 INT warrior regens 1/2 MP every 4 seconds, and that is terrible when you have a weak transport skill that takes 10 MP and powerful attack skills that consume 35 MP. This makes warriors have to rely on their basic attack 95% of the time.

Warriors used to be OP beyond belief, now they are sorta a disappointment to use. Basically now, it is a glorified Adventurer since their skills are too MP-consuming to be used effectively and it gives access to better weapons. That’s about it imo.

What is the point of using attack skills if you have to wait 5 minutes just to use it three times, not even factoring in that you may have to use Roll from time to time to get around? Roll is also very weak now and roll-jumping is near impossible and inefficient, so it is just a waste of MP rn. Warriors need a hecka MP buff or it will never be worth using Warrior skills again. Their attack skills should also have a lower MP cost.


Hunters are dominant in the following:

  • DPS (can attack faster with dagger does decent damage per hit)
  • Vertical movement (can Double Jump at no cost)
  • Ranged attacks (Dagger Throw dealing decent damage, though aim is unreliable at times)

Hunters are weak in the following:

  • Sustainability (has no hunter-only helmet for good defense, has weaker armor)
  • Horizontal movement (has no skills to aid in forward movement to get from place to place)
  • Reach (main weapon is a dagger, which has much smaller reach than a sword, slightly smaller than staff)
  • Crowd control (Execute hitbox is small and only lasts less than a second, no real crowd control skills)
  • Mana efficiency (can be solved with high INT)

My Opinion

That being said, Hunters are a bit underpowered and haven’t fully reached their potential. Reach is highly understandable, as a dagger sacrifices reach for more damage and attack speed. For the case of sustainability, Hunters could use more equipment defense, or maybe a DEX buff for headgear or armor to make up for the lower defense. For movement, Double Jump is very convenient for reaching higher places quicker, but it doesn’t really help at all for going somewhere far away in a horizontal direction. Hunters have to fully rely on DEX to get place to place nowadays since they lack fast transport skills. Hopefully, the devs finish up Shunpo for Hunters to use so they can get around a bit quicker as how other classes do.

Hunters don’t have to rely on MP as much as Warriors and Mages, but when Hunters are relying on OHKOing mobs with Execute, it tends to eat up a bit of MP. Though investing in INT would help out with that a bit.


Mages are dominant in the following:

  • Ranged crowd control (has Magic Bomb, can wipe out a group of enemies, especially from long range)
  • Ranged attacks (can attack standing still at a distance)
  • Magic damage (can deals magic damage, which is good against enemies with high physical resistance)
  • Mana efficiency (a Mage would have a lot invested in INT, spells take reasonable MP)

Mages are weak in the following:

  • Physical sustainability (though if one invests in some VIT that wouldn’t be a huge problem)
  • Close combat (staff has low reach, wouldn’t do much damage without any STR)
  • Close crowd control (no AoE moves for close-range)

My Opinion

Mages are ok in PvE and OP in PvP. However, the next balancing patch will make Zap be able to pierce thru enemies and will actually be avoidable in PvP, balancing the PvE and PvP aspects of Zap. Proof:
Overall, Mages are fair, though the next patch will probs make them more balanced. Mages will probably be able to fight multiple enemies close up with a reworked Zap, giving them a bit of close-range crowd control, while not being insanely OP in PvP. I think Mages will have good potential with that rework.


It moved from warriors being great with hunters slacking behind and mages being absolutely bad outside of magic bomb, to mages being the only actually potential class with hunters slacking behind as usual and warriors got the short end of the stick. Oh how the tables turn

Exactlyyyyy what happened. Hopefully, Hunters get a transport skill at some point and MP regen is buffed for all classes.

hunter has the shunpo skill which was sadly forgotten
edit: “Every hunter needs the proper tools to successfully assassinate their target… here’s a sneak-peak of just one.”

That zap fix is absolutely perfect, I always thought that despite being god-tier in PVP it does slack in PVE… now both will be fixed

As for warriors, that’s kind of what I was getting at in my post but with different wording. My point was that warriors can barely use their skills, and something needs to be done about it (in my case I suggested decreasing the costs but I didn’t consider regen at the time)

As for hunters, it really sucks that shunpo was forgotten, would have really made the class shine. Shucks.

In terms of sustainability, I don’t intend on Hunters having much sustainability. It will likely always be a weakness of the subclass, but in exchange they gain high damage and high mobility.

In terms of horizontal movement, Shunpo will help fix this.

In terms of reach, it will depend on what subclass you go for. Assassins will have invisibility which grants stealth and a movespeed boost to help you reach targets. Rangers will have bows, and Alchemists will have slows and buffs to help reach their targets.

In terms of crowd control, I don’t think we use the same definition. Crowd Control means the ability of something to restrict how many units can actively fight. This means things like, stuns, slows, etc. Status effects are crowd controls. Hunter will not have much, if any, crowd control because playing against something with high mobility, damage, and crowd control is not fun. We have a power budget for every class, and Hunter’s power budget is consumed greatly by their mobility and damage. The exception here is Alchemist, they’ll lose some damage and mobility for more crowd control.

In terms of mana efficiency, I can look into rebalancing mana if there is an obscene discrepancy with mana. I don’t intend on Hunters needing to build INT (except Alchemists will), so just having mana potions should be fine. I’ll look into it.


I’m so excited to build a ranger, archery is fun

Is there any further information on this besides “bow users”? Just out of curiosity, because it seems like the other subclasses are more specified

Rangers will have abilities to augment their bows and arrows to do status effects, they’ll have abilities like making it rain arrows in a certain field, etc.


for rangers, will they have a melee attack or will they just be bows and arrows

This is the biggest argument for warriors and I agree with it; mana costs for warriors are too high, you could only use a few skills and then you’re out of mana which is frustrating. Having mana pots doesn’t help, it has a cooldown which I understand why it has one, I have to run and use potions while the other person is chasing me. When I was battling with @avoiided, majority of the match was me running away from him to get away from zap and refill my mana by using mana pots.

why cant some skills use stamina instead of mp?

The reason to that is Berezaa. He would every class to rely on Mana for abilities.

Lunge Uppercut and Ground Pound both require 35 Mana for each use. The roll requires 10 Mana. Combine that with the low Mana regen as most Warriors build STR, VIT, and not much INT (if at all) and you get a severely frustrating class. A level 30 Warrior with 0 INT has 105 Mana. With 105 Mana, I can only use my skills like 3-4 times before I either have to use mana potions or wait a while for the slow mana regen. This recent update completely ruins any enjoyment playing as a Warrior.

Not only that, but if we look at the average build for each class, for a Warrior to be useful at all it has to have points in all four stats. Other classes can maintain with only using one to two stats. That makes it extremely hard to play as a balanced warrior.

So maybe invest some points into INT???

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Before the mana changes, I had no problems running out of mana and having to wait for a slow regen rate, so I mainly focused on STR and VIT. Now it’s too late as I’m already Level 30. The only current way for me to change that is through Vincent and even that is random. I guess the Meta has changed. Sad lyfe.

Well if it makes you feel any better, Poly read in on my post and said that they can agree that the mana costs are a bit high for a class that isn’t intentionally a mana-heavy class like the mage, and that the mana costs of the warrior skills will be looked into

As for the regen, well, that’s still the same issue as far as I know

A mage doesn’t need STR or VIT - Hunter doesn’t need VIT or INT - Warrior needs STR, INT, VIT and DEX to be in the same ballpark as the other classes

I am 3/4 int, 1/4 vit on my mage ;-;

At this point every class needs INT to actually function

But I do agree that warriors are now really needy in the world of stats

I also agree with everyone else in saying that the regen was nerfed wayyy too hard (I get that it should have been nerfed but using skills is impossible unless you’re shoving fish down your throat nonstop, even as a mage I have issue with that)

VIT is mages’ secondary damage scaling stat. They will definitely need the HP boost from VIT to survive the Spider Queen.

Anyone who invests everything into just one or two stats will be crying when its time to face an actual challenge.

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