Class Balancing Analysis - Alpha 1.0.7

This is based on the classes before Patch 1.1.0.


Warriors are dominant in the following:

  • DPS (highest damaging abilities compared to any other class)
  • Overall movement (rolling long jump glitch, Ground Pound launch, Lunge skating)
  • Sustainability (has the highest Defense armor and high STR stat investment)
  • Crowd control (can single-handedly clear out groups of enemies with skills)

Warriors are weak in the following:

  • Mana efficiency (can be solved with high INT stat)
  • Magic attacks (can be solved with high VIT stat)

That being said, Warriors are overpowered. They have the most advantages over any class. In PvP, ranged attacks would do nothing against them, since their insane movement can dodge all attacks from a distance (the Warrior doesn’t even have to know what they are doing, they can just roll then jump immediately to escape an incoming attack). Even when mages will be able to aim, warriors would just be too fast to be hit. Only a skilled Hunter (@Kenderos) could compete against a skilled Warrior (@Meta), but even that’s a tough match if the Warrior decides to be evasive. Maybe a very skilled mage could take a Warrior on, but that would require good timing with aiming skills.

My Opinion

Warriors need to have their roll jump fixed. One way of doing this is disabling jumping temporarily while the player is rolling. This would make it so that you can’t get a burst of speed anymore by rolling then jumping quickly.

Also, there should be a global 1 second cool down whenever you use a potion, skill, or anything else on your hotbar to keep things balanced. You shouldn’t be able to roll and ground pound while drinking a potion; that is just unrealistic beyond belief.


Hunters are dominant in the following:

  • DPS (can attack faster with dagger does decent damage per hit)
  • Vertical movement (can Double Jump at no cost)
  • Fast ranged attacks (Dagger Throw, when it is buffed and can be manually aimed)

Hunters are weak in the following:

  • Sustainability (has no hunter-only helmet for good defense, has weaker armor)
  • Horizontal movement (has no skills to aid in forward movement to get from place to place)
  • Reach (main weapon is a dagger, which has much smaller reach than a sword, slightly smaller than staff)
  • Crowd control (Execute hitbox is small and only lasts less than a second, no real crowd control skills)

My Opinion

That being said, Hunters are a bit underpowered and haven’t fully reached their potential. Reach is highly understandable, as a dagger sacrifices reach for more damage and attack speed. For the case of sustainability, Hunters could use more equipment defense, or maybe a DEX buff for headgear or armor to make up for the lower defense. For movement, Double Jump is very convenient for reaching higher places quicker, but it doesn’t really help at all for going somewhere far away in a horizontal direction. Hunters have to fully rely on DEX to get place to place nowadays since they lack fast transport skills. Hopefully, the devs finish up Shunpo for Hunters to use so they can get around a bit quicker as how other classes do.


Mages are dominant in the following:

  • Crowd control (has Magic Bomb, can wipe out a group of enemies, especially from long range)
  • Ranged magic attacks (can attack standing still at a distance)

Mages are weak in the following:

  • Sustainability (though if one invests in some VIT that wouldn’t be a huge problem)
  • Close combat (staff has low reach, wouldn’t do much damage without any STR)
  • Reliable aim (half the time, Magic Bomb just flies too high and doesn’t hit while the user is moving)

My Opinion

However, when the (hopefully) soon-coming, highly demanded mage rework/buff is coming, reliable aim probably won’t be an issue due to magic bomb’s rework. Zap will also actually work, so that would be yet another ranged attack on the mage’s arsenal. Mages will probably be more better off at range than at close quarters since they aren’t meant to be upfront in combat. If they stay at range, sustainability won’t be much of a problem at all.

This is really true and good for the devs to see.


Appreciate the compliment, and nice overview. Saved me some time writing it all down.

Hunters and warriors have equal ranged attacks, considering max rock throw is better than max dagger throw
(weird but true)