Class and Subclass Perks

Class and Subclass Perks
Now for starters, I know this is probably closer to a Balance/Meta but since only Warrior (Steadfast) and Cleric (Holy Magic) perks exist right now I’m giving my suggestions for the others. Also, @Firebrowl did make a post about this but I’m making different perks with different effects.

Hunter: Use 20% less Stamina. (1 second of running would equal 0.8 Stamina. 1 jump would be 0.8 while a double jump would total 1.2 instead of 1.5. Idea approved by berezaa.)

Warrior: Take 20% less damage. (Added to the game before this post was made)

Mage: 20% more max mana.

Berserker: +40% attack speed, -10% damage.

Paladin: 10% more health regen. Quick Slash deals 20% more damage. (berezaa stated that he liked the idea.)

Knight: Shield Block - Blocking negates all damage.

Warlock: Dark Magic - Abilities become black, +40% HP, -10% Mana Regen.

Cleric: Holy Magic - Magic abilities become golden-yellow. 10% more damage, Magic Bomb has 20% larger blast radius. (Added to the game before post was made)

Sorceror: Tempest - Thundercall brings down a single aimed lightning bolt that chains to all nearby opponents. (Based on berezaa’s suggestion.)

Assassin: 40% more damage when attacking from behind. -10% bow attack speed.

Ranger: 10% more arrow damage, Barrage costs 20% less mana.

Trickster: Automatically use Execute if it will land a kill, you have enough mana, and it’s not on cooldown.

Let me know what you think.

  • For regular classes it’s +20% something.
  • For Terul subclasses it’s +40% one thing, -10% another.
  • For Vesra subclasses it’s +20% one thing, +10% another.
  • For Neutral subclasses, it upgrades an ability of some sort.

on the topic of perks, does the Holy Magic perk only just make your magic yellow instead of blue?

It also adds a 10% ability damage increase and increases magic bomb blast radius by 20%

nice, i do even more damage

The hunter one seems a bit op tbh, but hunter IS a mobility class so I can’t complain

As an assassin, the 20% execute damage buff seems extremely underwhelming. Execute is by far the least useful move in the late game due to its low damage, high mp use and Long cool down. I also don’t feel the need to give ranger even more of a buff to their bow charge time. It is already incredibly minuscule when spamming ranger stance. As an added factor, 99% of rangers do not use barrage as it is a waste of mp. Plus, they could dish out a much larger amount of damage just from shooting normally due to the meta stat build being to put quite a fair bit into dex. As for the sorcerer buff, I feel that thundercall’s horizontal ranger can stay the same but the vertical range could increase. Other than that i just feel that berserker would be buffed even more. As an assassin duel in berserkers, I (as a hunter) can almost never hit them without dieing (equal gear or theirs is a lower level). Their bladespin leaves me dead even if I shunpo right through it. If not, a simple ground slam with its broken hit detection followed by or used after a quick slash is enough to insta kill me. I feel that beserker all in all deserves a serious nerf

Very interesting. I was thinking maybe for assassin there could be something like “cannot take damage while using shunpo” but I thought it would be too OP. What would you think of a perk like that?
Any other suggestions for replacement perks for the ones that may be less useful?

I like this perk. It’s doable as either a hunter perk or a DEX perk.

This one doesn’t really work as a global mage perk, because we could just lower the mana cost of all mage abilities without this being a thing.

They already have higher dps because of how damage is calculated with dual swords.

I like this one

With warriors we’re gonna start introducing more shields with perks, and maybe even “Block Chance” as their primary stat. It doesn’t need to be a global perk.

That’s a ripoff of Holy Magic. I want to give warlocks something cooler, like simulacrum mirroring thundercall and mage bomb and dark attacks.

10% damage increase is Holy Magic territory. I like the idea of giving them a perk like “Tempest” or something that changes Thundercall into an aimed instant AOE ability, where a single massive thunderbolt strikes the ground and does huge AoE damage.

I think Assassins deserve a better perk as new Shadow Walk already helps them move much faster. How about automatically cast the Execute ability when it would earn you a kill?

Don’t want to invade on DEX territory. If you want to charge faster, you should max DEX. I think the entire base hunter kit is due for a rework, and Barrage should start with 3 arrows and be upgradable to like 10 fired in a shotgun-esque matter with damage falloff at range.

This type of blanket buff overlaps with the hunter perk idea and doesn’t fit in with Trickster’s sneaky identity. How about complete damage negation when Tricksters block an attack?


I agree with everything but this part. How does shadow walk allow assassins to move faster? Is shadow walk fixed yet? Execute automatically casting will be extremely annoying.

Gotcha. Thanks for the feedback.

I believe Shadow Walk increases walk/run speed significantly and will instantly recharge your stamina. At level 10, its cooldown and duration are both 6 seconds so you’re able to consistently get a speed boost and recharge stamina every 6 seconds. Not bad.

Hello, Great ideas I made a similar topic to this about 2 weeks ago stating what some perk ideas that would be globally do, And in my post I stated

So feel free to use any of the ideas that I put in mine in yours as it may help you and Im super happy that your post about these global perks got some recognition as I feel more classes should get global perks which helps with class specialty.

This could work with an Execute buff by cutting off its cast time the moment it lands a kill along with the Assassin perk giving MP when Execute lands a kill. It would compensate so that Assassins can immediately follow-up an attack on a different enemy or make for a quick getaway.

Yes, it might be, but imo a blue magic bomb just dosen’t fit with Warlock.
I’d be very happy if Warlock at least had the new magic color.

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Can’t wait for barrage shotgun, don’t make it too op or other people will complain and I don’t want rangers to be nerfed to hell again

One think I think would be better for ranger auto attack being enabled for Ranger Stance. Also, I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but barrage currently decreases the Stances attack for a short time, which is trash, seeing as you can do more damage with ranger Stance if its damage is maxed. Also, I think a critical chance bonus should be a thing for Ranger because Stance makes you move slower, and should, technically, make you aim better.

Berezza already said no to the Warlock having a special magic thing I believe.

He said in his reply to my post that Warlocks probably get something.

Gonna bump this because these are important suggestions, since new perks for subclasses are likely being added soon and I need feedback on my current ideas.

What are your current ideas? Or are you referring to the idea in this post?