Class ability Balance Beta 1.70 Feedback

The Adventurer
Everything’s balanced in the first 10 levels of game play i just have a few suggestions
Make it required to get double slash first (Somebody else posted this i don’t remember who somebody else did i just wanted to put it here)
The only thing i hate is if you are sane and get double slash you are forced to get all the abilities for the adventurer so my solution just add rock throw back it will make old players happy. I am suggesting this because it gives the players an option on what abilities to get not being forced to get all of them.

Double jump is balanced
Shadow step is Balanced
Execute is Balanced
Dagger throw just needs something it does the same damage as 1 hit of the dagger and is hard to hit in pvp and now with the new changes you can just pull out the bow for ranged if you need it. I Don’t know what to say make it give bleed or slow or anything it just needs a major buff
Barrage just doesn’t work half the time and also feels a little underpowered and needs a tiny buff
Summary: Buff Dagger throw Fix Barrage

Ground slam is fine the only reason people complain about it is because its the only good ability available to the warrior making it look stupidly op
Roll is Balanced
Triple slash is good but i have heard they are nerfing it so after that it will probably be pretty bad
Quick slash is the worst ability and you are forced to get it sucky hitbox plus it needs to be lvl 3 for ground slam this is the only ability i don’t see a good future for and i would say to remove it
Parry is stupid you take more damage than you will deal most of the time and if the opponent is moving you might not hit them. I have 2 changes make it an aoe like shout attack when you are hit that does damage in a circle around you and secondly be invincible during the parry
Summary: Leave ground slam alone change the other abilities

Mage bomb currently is one of the worst abilities without the spider staff only really being good on really cramped up enemies really far away (Ex first room or sq down in the lower area) Theres a change coming to it already and it looks promising so nothing else to comment about
Blink is Balanced
Thundercall is my most hated ability it sucks for the mage player and the person against it in colo
Its not too bad in pve because the only issue is the mob gets a free hit on you which sucks. And in colo its just a protective barrier around the mage where you shoudn’t go. I Know the ability is getting more range and less damage but it will still have these issues. I see what the dev team is doing they really aren’t focusing on balance in colo and i think they have also said it themselves these changes to the mage they are putting in focus on pve only which i get more range on thunder means mobs probably won’t hit you while you do it.
I have a rework idea what if thundercall spawned a thundercloud that homes in on enemies and damages them. You could also ride the cloud for a fun little feature.
Summary: They won’t remove or change thundercall so make a new ability where you can ride a cloud on mage because mage doesn’t have enough abilities

as a ranger, I agree that barrage is broken most of the time if you join a server and have not shot an arrow in it yet, but barrage DMG wise does not need a buff. It does insanely good damage, so no buff needed.

I do not know about the other classes, but parry is deadly to rangers. If you accidentally hit them with an arrow while they are using parry, nearly half your hp is instantly gone. This is due to warriors usually having more DEF and HP.

magic missle better

except if you are aiming at enemies far away, its like shooting a small object far away with a minecraft bow (because gravity and lack of aiming for magic bomb)

mages arent ninjas so id rather have like a passive ability for magic basic attack (maybe pierce/aoe for it)

they already have blink so its ok

@BoomgoesleviCan you edit/make a new post about the new updated stuff or tell your opinion on how the new update balanced stuff.