Clan Discord for everyone wanting to join

I made a discord and some group roles on roblox for Vesteria.

There is no really big discord for where you can openley talk with somebody on discord and talk/chat besides the forum. There’ has been a ton of times where i been borred and had to get people discord and find it its struggeling.

This discord is where you can meet players from Vesteria and have a chat or talk.
We are planning to make squads for upcoming factions.

So if you have discod or open group space you are very welcomed to join. More information is in the group description and discord.

^People just have to verify if they have already bought the game. The channel is pretty fun

Hows does one do that good sire?

Type /verify in-game and type in the code that the bot (Carlos) gives you
Type !verifyme in the discord for him to DM the code if you haven’t

This is more of a faction

We have more of a faction where you can talk and grind with friends and such!

It’s not really important but I think the Vesteria form of this word is guilds. I’m with you tho, I’m a runescape nerd so I want to call them clans. :joy: There is no official term for it yet but that’s just what everyone calls it.

Guild shall be only correct way of saying it

Used to play OSRS so i feel you bud!

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