Church of Berezaastein

Are you a true believer in the holy powers of Berezaa and his children in the Vesteria world?
Are you a cool kid memester who wants to get associated with the community?
Do you want to join a group that will try to get into the scene of factions and groups in Vesteria?
Then fear not, the 1st church of Bu- the Church of Berezaastein is right for you.

First, lets get down to the basics. The holy triarchy of mods, Berezaa, and Berezaastein need your help! These nonbelievers and infidels haven’t heard of the great miracles Berezaastein has done, like being the son of the great creator, the only true lord and savior, and the one who saved us from the shroom plague! However, you can help out our good man Berezaastein by spreading our cul- our religion through the lands of Vesteria. Now come little kid, come join the true holy religion which rightfully praises and prays to the glorious lord of Vesteria, Berezaastein. You gotta remember though, if you don’t do this quickly, Vesteria will get flagged and deleted for shrooms!


how about uhhhhh no.

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Oddly suspicious…

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Our religion is family friendly for all

so you should join it in the name of Berezaastein

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you’re clearly not religious if you mispell berezaa’s username smh

wrong infidel, the creator, Berezaa, is the true god of the world. his son who has brought miracles upon us is Berezaastein

so basically mormons

there you go. don’t capitalize berezaa’s name

wdym hahahah?