Choosing a class

Can anyone explain the abilities of each class just for clarification? Once the playtest is open i’m gonna choose my class. (I don’t know if they explain it in game, if they do please tell me)

Hunter gets the ability to double jump, and an ability that deals a good amount of damage and instantly refreshes if it is a fatal blow.

I know mage gets some sort of spell and Warrior gets the ability to roll, but someone else will have to say.

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Warriors Gets A Skill That Scales Based On Their Normal Damage. (This Includes Sword Buffs, Your Level And Strength)

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Ok so mage gets a teleportation spell and a aoe spell hunter with execute a ability that does a lot of damage in a strike and can double jump and warrior gets combat roll which allows you to roll around and lastly it also gets ground pound which i think is aoe? or it boosts next attacks dmg


The Ground Pound Can Hit Multiple Enemies Like What Normal Melee Attacks Can Do.

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