Chicken's Tournament (PVP)

Chicken’s Tournament

Entry Fee and Rewards:

Entry Fee: 50s per person.

1st Place Winner: Free Colosseum Set of their choice + 1/3 of all entry fees
2nd Place Winner: 1g
3rd Place Winner: 500s

The rest of the entry fees will be going towards chicken to fund the guild.

Time and Date:

Ok, so I haven’t made a date currently so I’ll make a few polls.

What timezone are you in?

  • Est
  • Pst
  • Gmt
  • Other (reply)

0 voters

What time would you like for it to occur?

  • Morning (8 to 10 am)
  • Mid Day (12 to 3 pm)
  • Evening (5 to 7 pm)

0 voters

Event will happen on next Saturday, just trying to plan when

Player List

JonnoTheGamer (Hasn’t paid yet)
DeanNoobLeader (Hasn’t paid yet)
Hn4X (Hasn’t paid yet)
Atomilogical (Paid)
Skull_frost (Hasn’t paid yet)

If you want to join, please feel free to dm me on either the forums or discord (Dantex#4776)

ill join u know me so

Put a GMT timezone for people living/staying in the uk.

Sorry, I’ll make a new poll

Nice one :wink:


CST timezone.



I can pay for the tournament now if you’d like.

I have to go camping for a week on sunday and I have to hyper pack on saturday so I most likely won’t be able to attend.

So unfortunately I broke a glass door so I’m gonna cancel the tournament (plus I kinda need the money). Don’t worry atom I’ll get your money back. @WaterWolfX @Meta please close.

Tournament cancelled.