Chicken Hat Idea

I have a cool idea for a hat in game that could be obtainable in the game.

[Appearance]: Just a chicken on a nest that rests on your head. Its inanimate though.
+1 DEF | Descent: -10% (decreases fall speed)
[Location]: Obtainable in Farmlands.
[How To Get]: This headgear is obtainable as a rare occurance when completing the Old Sally Quest. 1/5000 of a chance that it’ll give you the hat. All you need to do is keep on giving hay until you eventually see it in your reward pool.
[Description]: Pretty ba-bawking cool, right?
[Sell Yield]: 1.2 silver [1200 mushcoin]
[Faction Type]: All
[Level RQ.]: 5

Nice little feature!

I would love to see this in-game!

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Imagine if it was a rare drop from killing chickens
Selling a chicken hat for 100g

Chicken stew hat :eyes:

nah make it a drop from chickens thats better

I’d remind me of my dad, chicken.
He left me :<

but chickens are white

He’s in nilgraf

Bawk! (soulbound please)

nah i wanna sell you for 10g


chicken just went to buy some cigs, he’ll be back soon…

no he won’t, he dosen’t love me :<

LEGEND1740 has killed chicken.


Calling all Units
Shots fired in front of the Supreme store
There’s about to be a 261 in progress
Send all available units
Send in the back-up
Send in the big guns
Send in the canine unit
Send in… freak