Chest Location Guide for the Forsaken Isle

I don’t have a map for the Forsaken Isle :confused:
There are 5 Chests located in the Forsaken Isle, 6 if you include the one from The Wayfarer
The Wayfarer Chest can be found right next to the stairs of The Wayfarer, it’s impossible to miss.

Chest 1 : When you arrive at the Forsaken Isle, the first chest can be found underneath Old Man Peppercot’s Shack

Chest 2 : If you keep walking straight from the right path at Forsaken, the second chest can be found underwater, underneath one of the sea stacks

Chest 3 : The third chest can be found in the water behind the Moglo Hut in the village
Chest 4 : The fourth chest can be found beside Kueek Kueek’s hut. Kueek Kueek’s hut is located on the opposite side of the island. It can be found if you keep walking left of Old Man Peppercot’s or if you walk straight from the Moglo Hut.
Chest 5 : The last chest can be found in a cave, right beside the chest that can be found beside Kueek Kueek’s hut. Head straight into the cave and keep walking straight. It is impossible to miss the chest once you’re in the underwater section of the cave.

Loot table of items that you can get from the chests :
20-30 Orange Potions
10 Mana Elixirs
7-11.7 Silver
Basic Attack &/Or Defense Scrolls
Strange Tablet ( For Xero’s quest )
1 Ethyr Shard ( 20 Ethyr )
Coloured Dyes
Stat &/Or Skill Reset Tomes
Monster Lure


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Sure, i’ll keep that in mind if I ever make a new guide. I’m also pretty sure that there are already guides covering chest locations in every other map atm, so like yeah…

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Please, I beg you… Make one for redwood

thanks for showing the loot table, it is worth it to go there for the ethyr and dyes