Check out my new loot! (Spoiler analysis)

Hello, there beautiful people. I, once again, got bored so because of that I decided to make another spoiler analysis ( and berezaa can’t stop me D:< )

To start off

Boars are confirmed to be new enemies for the game! it came together with a picture of other monsters from the game (yes the chicken is a monster, it can drop the same drops that the baby mushroom drops)
Chickens are evil, don’t belive their lies

Friendly new faces!

In this spoiler, we can see new NPCs that I have never seen before

  • 1) This NPC looks like he is somebody who works for the king or at least for a rich/royal family so it is possible that he might either give us some important quest or be a helper at the ‘‘arena’’
  • 2) This NPC might just be another town NPC and exist for the sole role of filler but she looks too detailed to just be a town NPC so my guess is that she might be another quest giver
  • 3) This NPC is a wizard. predictions: a quest giver/mage HQ shopkeep / Filler NPC for something mage related
  • 4 and 5) These look like some regular filler NPCs but since this picture includes the fisherman and the guardsmen (both are quest givers) I have a good reason to assume that both of these will be, at some point, quest givers

Shiny Loot!

In this tweet by the official Vesteria twitter, we can see how a default player model opens a chest
Predictions: it contains large amounts of gold; some tasty weapons; some unique loot;
This looks like something that would be either well hidden or be a reward once you beat a boss, either way, it looks important and flashy so you are guaranteed some good loot!
Suggestion for devs: if anybody actually reads these i think it would be cool if these sort of chests would be hidden around the map and could reward the player for exploring + you can get a treasure map from monsters in the area that would reveal the hidden location of ALL the chests in the area but you couldn’t trade this map to other players or drop it. this item would be one-time use and the chance of getting it would be 1/250+ (free ideas right here @ berezaa)

I challenge you to a DUEL

Recently on discord berezaa showed a picture of what looks like a colosseum that you would be able to access somewhere from the beach area since there are palms and sand all around it
prediction: area for people to do PvP battles (no way)

And this is where I hop off. I hope you enjoyed this spoiler analysis thing-a-majing!

you forgot (or I assume you forgot) the pic for Friendly new Faces XD

yeah, thanks for notifying me. no idea what happened there, something with the source code
either way, its fixed now

Obviously You Meant Colosseum.

yes, I did mean that thing you said.
sometimes my auto-correct goofs up :PP

Dang Nabbit Auto-Correct!


I want to see you in the arena or not see you at all!
inb4 you come with your lvl 999 account and delete me in 1 hit xd

I Don’t Believe They Are Level 999 In The Actual Game, Just In The Testing Server/Place.