Character Light

When you are in the dark in Enchanted Forest, it is kind of hard to see and navigate the caves. Maybe a passive glow to the character could help a little bit?

Or maybe some type of amulet of sorts that gives the character a glow, perhaps?

Or maybe a lantern you can buy?

That would be cool, it could be in an equipment slot that would go on your side.


But, wouldn’t u need to refuel the lantern :weary:

Unless it’s some sort of magic lantern then ig nvm ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

You fuel the lantern with your endless hopes and dreams.

wht If i dont remember my hopes and dreams

Then you’re completely out of luck

my hopes and dreams are taken by some weird goat person so oof

I just came up with something awesome

What if the Priest has a skill where he can create a sphere of light that lights up everything and follows him for 15 minutes or something?

that would be useful for when dungeons come out and your in and you have a party.

also 15min would be kinda OP maybe like 5 minutes and a 8 minute cooldown

Maybe a skill for mage or a rare item drop later on?

I mean, the light doesn’t have to be intense. It can just be a light glow that allows you to see slightly better that’s passive, and there can be effects for skills like magic bomb to create light when it explodes. That’d be a cool effect.