Chapter 3 - Times of War

Chapter 3 - Times of War

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I also highly recommend reading Chapter 2 before reading Chapter 3 to understand past events, which can be found here: Chapter 2 - Calm before the storm

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Charwik’ra sat in his tent, recalling the time he was expelled from the Warriors simply because he was a follower of Terul. He had went away from his home years ago, hoping to find a family at the mainland of Vesteria, or more accurately, the Warriors. But thinking how he was expelled because of his religious beliefs made him boil with rage, and he focused once again on his mission to prove that the ways of Terul were right…

Part 1:

Scallop Shores, a few hours after the events of Chapter 2…

Jane and Jaina were tied together, sitting at the edge of the bandit camp. The warlock, who they recently learned his name was Azurah, was in his tent, using a dark ritual to report his progress to Charwik’ra. And at the other end of the transmission, sat the twisted berserker.

Great Crossroads, the same time…

Charwik’ra ended the ritual transmission, grinning to himself as he found out that the giant Rubee had survived and that that Hunter and Mage who were such a thorn in his side were captured. Thinking how Zach, the deceased cleric, was killed by Azurah, he began to laugh to himself, knowing that plans were going well.

Nilgarf, the next morning…

Brian woke up, thinking about how Jane’s mission was going, then suddenly remembered the strange shadow he had seen the previous night. As he changed into his Hunter attire and went for a jog, a messenger bumped into him, taking heavy breaths. “Sir, w-where is Baron Cliff… Clifford? I-I have an important message for him…” Brian helped him up and brought him to Baron Clifford’s office.

The messenger told them the news that a giant Rubee had escaped from the hives of the Rubees, Jane and Jaina were captured and that a cleric’s corpse was found. Brian banged his hand angrily on the heavy oak desk, his face visible with rage. “I should’ve gone with her!” He screamed angrily, “If I did, maybe Zach wouldn’t have died for nothing! I’m going to get her from that warlock now!” He then grabbed his bow from a hook and started out the door. “Brian, calm down and come back!” Baron Clifford shouted at him. Brian turned around and spat out, “Don’t tell me what to do, old man!” The Baron was a bit angry and stepped in front of him, blocking the entrance. “Your priority is the war. You have to stay here.” He told Brian. Sighing, Brian sat down and tears started to well up in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Scallop Shores…

Azurah pushed the prisoners along, planning to put them in a place until the end of the war. He handed them over to the bandits onto a ship, and watched them sail off. Smiling, he went with a few followers to Charwik’ra, but not before sending him a transmission telling him that the attack was ready…

That night, Nilgarf…

Sam lay in his tent, thinking about the defeat at Scallop Shores. Suddenly, a horn rang in the distance, signalling an invasion. He quickly leapt up, grabbed his helmet which was laying nearby, and ran to the wall to help out.

Brian was already on the wall when Sam got there, and he was plucking enemies off at a distance, shooting them one by one. An arrow from an enemy archer sliced through the air, inches from hitting Brian’s face. He gasped in shock and Sam quickly climbed up the wall, asking if he needed help. “I need you to destabilize that skirmisher unit on the right flank!” He told Sam, “There’s a knight down there that could help you! He’s called Jacko!” Sam nodded and hurried.

The knight fended off many arrow attacks with his bulwark, but was locked in combat with a group of bandits when they got close to the right unit. Sam did a football tackle at the skirmishers, dodging an arrow and slicing a skirmisher’s leg with his sword. He then did an overhead slash and chopped another’s arm off, as it screamed in pain and was shut down by an arrow fired by Brian in the distance. He put his sword away and drew a mace from his back, taunting any skirmishers that stood in his way. One of them yelled at him and slashed at Sam with his dagger, only to find his skull… split in two. The remaining 3 skirmishers did the sensible thing, and ran.

Flicking his sword, the knight finished off the last bandit and they quickly returned to Nilgarf to help with the defense.

Paladins were stationed outside the wall, knocking back enemies with their holy magic in case invaders got too close. Inside, wounded soldiers lay outside the Nilgarf Bank, where clerics tended to their injuries. Some were possibly already dead and some were groaning in pain, waiting for clerics. The knight and Sam parted ways as Jake called him over, telling him that they were going on a hunt. Jake explained that Brian wanted revenge and would not be stopped so that they were going to hunt the giant Rubee.

Part 2:

Great Crossroads, the same night…

The giant Rubee buzzed around, looking for enemies, and enjoying the chaos around it. All of a sudden, an arrow appeared in its chest with a ‘plop’, and a pain burst up its chest. A hooded ranger was shooting barrage after barrage of arrows at it, as a middle aged man slashed its body with a heavy jewelled blade. As it gave chase to the man, a knight leapt from behind, bashing it with his shield. The giant Rubee buzzed in anger and fright, momentarily stunned. “This is for my friends!” a young boy shouted, and thrust his sword forward, piercing the heavy shell of the Rubee. It quickly flew around, and angrily split the knight’s shield with a powerful sting. The knight fell on the ground, but slowly got up again. The giant Rubee knew it was fighting a losing battle so it quickly head-butted the Baron in the chest, and tried to fly away. But the young boy leapt up, grabbing the giant by the head, and slashed at it wildly. The giant was unable to sting him from that angle and buzzed angrily, trying to shrug him off. But the boy held on for dear life as the giant Rubee flew higher and higher, trying to get away. The boy lost his grip on his sword as the monstrous beast dived down, and one of his arms lost its grip.

Back on the ground, the attack squad looked in shock at the young boy’s courage and bravery, but started to panic as his sword fell. The ranger, thinking quickly, strapped his dagger onto an arrow, and shot it at the beast, yelling, “Sam, the arrow!”. Understanding what was happening, the boy took the dagger from the arrow, plunging it deep into the giant Rubee’s tough shell. It gave out a guttural cry, falling from the sky. As it crashed into a hay field, it slowly faded to dust, gone forever…

Great Crossroads, Charwik’ra’s camp, the night after the fight…

Chwarik’ra trembled with rage, knowing that the giant Rubee was destroyed. He walked over to the terrified messenger, and grabbed him by his neck, throwing him across the room. He then pulled his sword out and cleaved the messenger’s head with a quick slash. Breathing heavily, he cursed the ones who followed Versa, believing that they were weak, depending on numbers, not skill.

A nearby guard gasped in shock, asking why Charwik’ra had killed the messenger. “Only the strong get to live, and nobody likes people who bring bad news,” he simply said. And with that, he walked out of his camp to continue his next assault.

Nilgarf, at the same time…

Sam opened his eyes, mumbling in pain. Jake quickly helped him up, then patted him on the back. “That was some stunt you pulled back there! You know you could’ve died? Do you even know how dangerous that was?” Jake screamed at him. “But that was really brave and I’m so proud of you,” Jake said with a smile. Sam slowly got up, seeing that his arm was bandaged. “What happened after the fall?” He asked. “The giant Rubee crashed into one of those fields back at the Crossroads. It probably sustained too much damage then died. We have to hurry out too, there seems to be a… situation.” Jake said.

A few minutes later, they were on the city walls, where Brian was sniping off enemy generals with some difficulty. “Thanks for the help back there, kid!” He said, then ducked down to avoid a bolt of dark magic from the invaders. A few warriors flung guardian cores at enemies with a catapult, blasting swarms of enemies. Down at the Crossroads, scarecrows were attacking terrified villagers, who fled into Nilgarf. “What on earth happened down there?” Sam asked. “There was a warlock who animated the scarecrows into attacking us again.” Brian explained.
Jake smiled, and said, “We’ve been through worse.” Brian nodded grimly and explained to Sam that he wanted them to group up the scarecrows and finish them off with a guardian core blast. And with that, Jake and his apprentice leapt into action.

Part 3:

Great Crossroads, a few minutes after the plan…

A trickster leaped backwards, shooting her bow, and barely dodged a cut from a scarecrow. She stumbled into a cart, falling onto the ground. The scarecrow was wickedly fast, and brought its sickle down for the killing blow. Out of nowhere, Sam jumped in, chopping the scarecrow’s arm off. The scarecrow screeched in pain and fell on the ground, dead. But another filled in its ranks, continuing their assault. Sam countered the hit with his recently recovered sword, felling the scarecrow. “We can’t keep this up for long!” He screamed. "Want to stick to the plan?” Jake slammed another scarecrow with his shield, finishing it off. “After you, kid!” Jake replied. “On the count of 3, run like hell to the direction of the sewers!” Sam locked blades with a scarecrow and nodded, then pushed a scarecrow to the floor and stabbed it. He heard his trainer’s shout of “One!” Then looked to his left, where a dozen scarecrows were charging at him. “Two!” Jake cried out and proceeded to taunt another group of the scarecrows. Sam planted his feet into the soil, preparing for the worst. “Three! Go, go go!” Sam and Brian instantly ran away from the triggered band of scarecrows, taunting them along the way.

Back on the castle walls, catapulteers saw the situation and readied the catapults. With Brian’s command, guardian cores were launched into the air, and landed on the land below, dealing massive damage and taking out swarms of enemies. Knowing the invasion was temporarily repelled, the two brave warriors returned to Nilgarf, preparing for the next bout.

Great Crossroads, Charwik’ra’s camp, after the scarecrow skirmish…

Charwik’ra grumbled angrily, knowing at the time for reinforcements had come. However, he knew he had to stall the defenders as long as possible…

Part 4:

The gauntlet, right after the cry for reinforcements…

Jane and Jaina were in a corner of the camp, locked away in a cell built into the mountain wall. They had overheard the transmission between Charwik’ra and the bandits. They both looked at each other, knowing they had to stop the bandits from reinforcing Charwik’ra. “Got any tricks up your sleeve?” Jane asked. “I think so, but I need some time.” Jaina placed her hands on the metal bars, channeling mana in an attempt to break the cell bars…

Back at Great Crossroads…

Charwik’ra desperately thought of an attempt to stall the defenders to allow reinforcements to arrive, and finally formulated a plan with Azurah.

He marched out with his elite guard and a white flag, symbolling negotiation. The ranging party ceased their bowfire and signalled the negotiation, as the other defenders marched out to meet Charwik’ra.

As soon as Brian saw him, he lunged for him while shouting, “Where did you take my apprentice, you monster?” His guards stopped Brian in his tracks and pushed him back roughly. “Oh dear, is this how we talk now?” Charwik’ra jeered at him. Brian was about to draw his dagger but Baron Clifford stopped him to prevent another skirmish and more casualties. “What do you want, Charwik’ra?” The Baron asked. “I request a duel.” He replied. “You have forfeited your rights of duelling when you betrayed the Warriors!” Sir Tristian angrily shouted back at him. “And nobody said that believing in Terul means that you’re evil!” Sir Tristian was actually at a loss of words at that moment and didn’t know what to say. Sam, being desperate and wanting to know the whereabouts of his old friend, Jane, blurted out, “I accept your duel!” As soon as the words came out his mouth, he knew he had made a terrible mistake. All of the defenders gasped in shock as Baron Clifford pleaded, “He’s just a boy, Charwik’ra! Don’t do it!” Charwik’ra, laughing madly, said, “Oh, Baron, surely you know the rules of a duel. Once one is delivered and accepted, it will go on. How will you fight, boy?” He asked, putting emphasis on the word ‘boy’. “Perhaps on Rubee-back, for destroying my creation earlier?” Sam, his mouth dry, stammered out that he would duel on foot, slowly treaded out to the grassland with his sword, shaking with fear. Charwik’ra, not taking any chances, quickly warned the defenders not to interfere. And with that, the duel began.

Charwik’ra leaped into the air with his twin blades, slamming down on Sam with all his might. Sam, wishing not to go down without a fight, quickly weaved to his right and went into a defensive stance. Charwik’ra slashed from all directions, pounding at Sam’s defense. Every strike felt like crashing into a steel wall and Sam knew that he couldn’t hold for long. With a few more hits, his defense finally crumbled and his sword-arm dropped to his side, and he quickly rolled back, just avoiding a killing blow. Charwik’ra let out a blood curdling cry, as he shouted out, “Let this boy be an example to all of you!” He then feinted a overhead blow at Sam, then quickly switched to an undercut with his other sword. Sam’s armor barely took the hit as his armor groaned under the strain. As if Versa itself wished to cease the fight, Charwik’ra’s sword was stuck in his armor, and Sam took a step forward, forcing Charwik’ra back. Finding the strength to lift his sword, he landed a knee strike at Charwik’ra’s unarmoured stomach, making him gasp for air while in pain. In one swift move, Sam slashed his sword at his leg, making him drop to the floor, immobile.

However, the battle was far from over.

Part 5:

The Gauntlet, during the duel…

With a blast, the metal bars finally gave away, as Jane and Jaina sneaked out to a watchtower, surveying the situation. They could see bandits getting their gear ready, about to reinforce Charwik’ra. Jane gestured to Jaina to climb to the watchtower, and as they reached the top, they knocked out an unsuspecting skirmisher and took his bow. Jane whispered, “Could you summon that fire thing again?” Jaina nodded, concentrated and created a small fire.

In the distance, Yakua the gatekeeper noticed something was wrong and spotted the two prisoners on the watchtower, one with a bow in hand. He grabbed a nearby horn and blew it three times, signalling an attack.

Jane, hearing the sound, quickly nocked an arrow and set it on fire, then aimed for the ropes of the Gauntlet bridge. Her arrow found its target and was set ablaze, as she shot the other ropes of the bridge, bringing it down. The bandits, enraged, charged the two prisoners…

Back at Great Crossroads, after the duel…

Charwik’ra was captured and scheduled for execution, and as Brian interrogated Charwik’ra, he asked if he had any final words and he nodded, asking for the defenders to listen too. Brian, being a man of honour, agreed.

As the defenders grouped up to listen, Charwik’ra told them about how he had came to Vesteria as a child, joined the warriors, and was eventually expelled for following Terul. He hoped that people would understand that Terul was about individualism, cunningness, strength and more, but not evilness.

Soon later, he was executed in Nilgarf, as his army surrendered. However, his second in command, Azurah, had escaped into the unknown. Brian had received the information that his apprentice was held at the Gauntlet and he immediately set off.

Back at the Gauntlet, as the bridge burnt…

Jane and Jaina went down from the tower, making sure that the bridge was completely destroyed. However, bandits were already notified of their presence.

“This is your final chance! Lay down your weapons or we will attack!” A bandit commander shouted. “Wait! I have something!” Jaina shouted, as she pulled out a golden pendant from the depths of her robes. The bandits suddenly lowered their bows and swords for an inch, unsure whether to attack or not. “Kill us, and the entire mage faction will come after you.” She warned. Jane was not sure what to make of the situation but was slightly relieved.

Suddenly, a bandit collapsed with a cry of pain, and an arrow in his neck, and Brian came charging in on horseback, from the hills, shooting arrows everywhere. “It’s the ranger!” Yakua shouted. “Get the prisoners to the dunes but don’t hurt them!” He then gathered bandits and created a defensive line, holding off Brian.

Bandits grabbed the duo and shoved them into the gate to the Whispering Dunes, Jane’s eyes stung with tears and faintly, she heard Brian’s voice. “Jane! Stay alive! Don’t give up! I’ll find you wherever they take you!” Jane shouted out her trainer’s name, but knew that he would never hear her over the layers of dust and sand. With a silent promise, she swore to him that she would stay alive.


A young man stood next to a farm, reaching out for a hammer which was just out of reach while fixing a memorial for the ones who had died years ago from the scarecrow attacks. Sam walked past and decided to help him, giving him the hammer. The young man nodded his thanks and finished up fixing the memorial and stood up. “A relative of yours died in the scarecrow attacks a few years back?” Sam asked. The young man replied, “Yea, I was just finishing up my Warrior training until it happened… I wish I could’ve saved my father.” Sam patted him on the back and said, “Sorry about your father, oh right, I’m a Warrior trainee now! What’s your name?” The young man looked up, and replied, “Oh, I’m Alan.”


Author’s note: Sorry that Chapter 3 has taken me two months as I didn’t have a lot of motivation to do this and was stuck on creative issues. If you are wondering, yes, the ‘Alan’ in the epilogue is indeed the warrior, Alan, from @Bluemin_Sword 's stories and we ARE doing a crossover.

Special thanks to @jackobonny125 for being a great fan and you deserve a cameo as a knight


Wonderful story! Instead of focusing on wars or PvP, it would be nice to to write about the development of the characters and how they get stronger throughout their time of training in their factions. You could also have a big event (Possibly a spider queen raid) and their choice of subclasses in the future. Overall, I really enjoy these stories. Keep up the good work!


Whoa, Crossover time! Epic

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I have a spider queen run planned for about chapter 6 or 7 and there will be more character development, I promise :wink:


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