Changes to stamina

Hey guys! I made some changes to stamina today:

  • You now start at full stamina (used to start at 0)
  • Base max stamina has been reduced
  • Effect of DEX on stamina has been increased
  • Stamina now recharges faster
  • Exhaustion now lasts 1.5s instead of 2s
  • S T A M I N A B A R

Let me know what you think!


epic, will we have some sort of potion that can effect stamina?

Is there a specific way increasing DEX works? (Like is it a constant addition to stamina/stamina regen or does it increase/decrease as your DEX increases?)

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maybe :eyes:


Constant now, with a complicated regen ration formula. We will probably rework it in the future though.


race me, bet you wont!

These changes are great! Not really noticable on their own but definitely make an impact when all together. Cant wait till next play test!

Will our max stamina increase whenever we level up without using points to DEX?

if you use the points from leveling up on dexterity, then yes.

So glad that we can see the stamina bar now, that really annoyed me last playtest. Is the DEX increase noticeable or is it more of a slow climb?

Me Likey :grin:

20 DEX gives you double the stamina that you start with, 40 gives triple, and so on.


Ah nice to know, Thanks!

Yes, yes to ALL of the changes!

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I Do Like That Chance A Lot!

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I am assuming that when dexterity is increased, it would decrease the rate at which the stamina bar would decrease, instead of making it bigger?

I Don’t Think It Will Make It Decrease Slower, Though It Will Visually Be Slower To Run Out.

Man, now boosting all my points into vitality and strength won’t work anymore, ill fall behind…

you still get a passive DEX boost each level but you should think about investing into some DEX

Each point of dex should increase total stamina by 5% of base stamina, linear increase