Changes to our Development Process

Towards the end of Vesteria’s Alpha, and as we jumped into our Beta, our team transitioned from a bi-weekly update schedule into a rapid-fire release cycle that notably impacted the way we work. On some weeks, we began to push patches and shut down almost every day.

This production schedule has had serious repercussions on our productivity, and more importantly, our creative process. Constantly releasing patches to live servers forced us to be in “operations” mode, focusing development time to putting out fires, fixing bugs and exploits, and just not working on content.

We were also stuck in a very short-term tunnel vision that made us prioritize pressing and urgent issues and content over nice-to-haves and bigger-picture improves & features. It was very difficult for us to plan ahead so we were always stuck in the now.

In light of these production issues, we took a serious look at our development workflow and are announcing big changes.

Updated Release Cycle

Moving forward, we will be moving to a monthly or even bi-monthly release schedule. This will allow us to prioritize and optimize our workflow to focus on bigger picture goals such as introducing subclasses, professions, crafting, the monster book w/ monster idols, expanding the level cap and much more.

By moving to a longer-term cycle, we’ll also be able to dedicate a day out of every week to working on a lot of the “nice to haves” that have previously been prioritized down to never-happening land. Stuff like adding a rooster to farmlands that cokadoodledoos every morning, to adding a moving carriage to a map that players can jump on. We have a lot of cool ideas to make our world more immersive and now we’ll finally have the time to give those ideas the attention they deserve.

Most importantly though, by stretching our update release cycle we are eliminating much of the time that we currently spend putting out fires after patches, and spending that time adding new content and making the game better. This will also greatly reduce the amount of server restarts we need to preform.

Updated Release Pipeline

It’s no secret that a LOT of bugs get accidently introduced whenever we released updates. We introduced the verified Tester program to help us identify, reproduce and solve bugs quickly. But we’re going to take this a step further by introducing a new step to our update release pipeline:

Current Pipeline:
Internal Build Testing -> Production Servers

New Pipeline:
Internal Build Testing -> Tester Environment -> Production Servers

We will be introducing a special environment for our testers, where they can preform intensive tests and log issues for us to resolve before an update hits live servers. We’ll be able to push to this tester environment very frequently, allowing us to notice bugs and fix them without having to wait until the last moment.


We are moving away from our rapid-fire release cycle, and introducing a new testing environment for our verified Testers so that we can focus more on big-picture and long-term improvements and features for the game, and so that we can start releasing bomb updates again that shake up the game. We’ll continue to regularly post sneak peaks on our discord to keep you excited.



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oh boy this again, no offence but stick to 1 scedule (sry about my grammar)

From what I understand testers will be more prevalent now with the longer release times for updates and testing, how many testers are there? and is there enough to do extensive tests to eliminate most bugs?

There are currently 64 Testers in the Vesteria Team Group. There may be more Testers coming though.

More than enough I guess :frowning:

i like the idea of monthly/bi monthly updates
can’t wait to get hyped with my team whenever something big drops


I personally really like these changes. I feel like most people don’t know how much work developing a game gives. With the constant complains I can’t imagine how pressuring it is as well. It’s simple, quality over quantity. :slightly_smiling_face:


This seems like a much needed change to development with the way things are going now. Cant wait to see how it works out. also its nice that you are going to make the world more immersive.

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We have 64 testers :flushed:

I feel like this is a great idea, disappointing in some ways but exciting in others. This may be the best thing to happen to Vesteria due to the small update cycle. Hope to see what happens in the future.


Oh and make sure to keep us updated with sneak peaks, lol

why would more testers be needed? 64 seems to be alot

bet a lot of testers will leak stuffs

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Also, I really like this change. Many other games do this, and it results in less buggy updates and a smoother experience of new updates for the public. I also like how Testers will be able to get access to a testing environment to be able to test new releases and ensure that it would be optimal for release.

yea lets hope lol
being left in the dark for a month and then a huge update dropping would probably be cool for some people but i like knowing what im getting myself into

This is understandable. Take your time with updates, there’s no need to rush. There will always be some of us waiting, no matter how long it takes.

Also gosh dangit, why’d my computer die right before all of this!?

wait… if its 15 days (bi-monthly) then wouldn’t a update come in two parts?

seems great, no need to force content out that could potentially be buggy

with a better testing environment we can look forward to smooth clean updates