Change up how dungeons work, giving all subclasses a role

Heya, I am pretty dissatisfied with dungeons at the current moment.

To say it straight, power classes like Ranger really makes the dungeon seem kinda pointless unless I am one myself. This is why I no longer participate in SQ dungeons and Mushapocalypes with randoms, and it’s a real obstacle if I want to get cursed scrolls.

Currently, ranger is pretty much the best class to do a dungeon (And many other things, but this fact is true).

Tank classes like Knight and healing classes like Cleric do not get any gain from the dungeon and no advantages.

As a Cleric main, I will just say that I don’t like healing or reviving my teammates because all it means is that my loot goes to 0, which makes it fine if I leave them to die or leave them when they die.

However, this might be solved with this solution I’ve come up with.

Make the boss give an equal share of loot

  1. This gives classes that do not deal tons of damage like Knight are pretty much useless to getting loot and can only be solved by grinding yet another slot that serves no purpose other than to get loot and feed your main, which I believe to be very bad for a game like Vesteria.

  2. Low level players that are being carried by high levels will actually get something, sometimes they don’t even want to be carried because not only is their exp going away since everything dies but the loot dissapears. The only reward they’d get is the 1 mil assuming it’s the SQ dungeon.

This will also make balance between the classes. Usually I see assassins/rangers everywhere, and I feel that it’s not an illusion.

With this idea, people will be good at one thing and get the same rewards for being good at one thing.

Let us go one by one with the subclasses:

Ranger - Good at killing the boss (People would want a glass cannon in their team to deal the damage)
Assassin - Good at killing the boss but more fun and mobile
Trickster - Getting to places that other people can not (Switchstrike & disengage), bringing the monster closer to the melee peoples (I think trickster needs a rework since the purpose is quite insignificant).

Knight - Tanks the high damage monsters like the Spiderling
Beserker - AoE near the boss, buffs the people that are melee. Basically supports everyone that has to be together
Paladin - AoE near and close, slightly supports the people close or even just near the boss (like mage)

Cleric - Healer and person who revives.
Sorcerer - AoE
Warlock - Kinda like ranger but with more survivability and less damage (Should be reworked as a class)

We can make these purposes for each subclass even more relevant by making the dungeons harder.

Lets take SQ dungeon as an example.

In the SQ boss, during the intro, there should be a bunch of spiderlings that come out ALONG with the Spider Queen, meaning the spiderlings must be cleared before melee and perhaps even rangers can interfere. Giant spiderlings should come out more often so knights have to tank while beserkers can make room for the other melee classes that have to come near the boss, letting classes like assassin (which has less health) near. If a glass cannon or even a melee gets injured or dies, the Cleric can heal and revive. Tricksters can get into the front of the battle right away and maybe get in a better location with disengage. Rangers and Warlocks would be killing the boss and the Sorcerer & Paladin would be killing the spiderlings with an AoE skill.

Not everyone is fighting the Spider Queen.


Good idea but I don’t really see the incentive for the clerics to Rez or heal rangers. Seeing how many people hate them and probably want to get revenge on them.

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Yes, people want to get revenge, but this idea relieves the hate a little so the hate may be less.

Clerics can revive whoever they want, but if they choose not to, it’ll be their loss and not their gain this time since they now rely on the rangers to take down the boss.

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Oh and a different note now, unfortunately, this idea will probably not work well with World Bosses since it will face issues similar to the whale. If you only have to hit it once or even take it down 5%, people would just do that and just go afk again.

If you have to deal too much damage to it to get drops, rangers will be stealing again and no one will want to help eachother since helping eachother hurts their drop chances.

Though this is quite controversial, I would suggest perhaps removing the World Bosses and replacing all of them with dungeons to let the same system go.

It won’t be like the whale if everyone needs to get through the obstacles beforehand like the SQ parkour for example.

All I agree with everything but come on warrior support only … we need to fix that.

Good ideas, I think dungeons need some improvements as well. The boss fight for the spider queen could even be separated into multiple waves where certain subclasses have a more prominent role, like giving the queen a ranged barrier for a little while or having her jump up onto one of the pillars and use her poison spray. I don’t know how difficult it would be, but they could also make the health and damage of the dungeon monsters scale with the average level of the players in it.

Personally this would be cool but like obviously in a dungeon despite being forced to fulfill a role, one of the subclasses will prevail in the end which will make bringing the others pointless.

A simple suggestion for this is add a immortal enemy that does tons of dmg, which a knight tanks while everyone else goes and pulls levers to open a gate. ( the room is pretty small so it’s hard to avoid the enemy, there are also other enemies there,) giving knights a purpose

Tbh i would say that most of the sub classes are good the only reason they might seem useless is cus like when ur an lvl 30 knight sq is easy and these days theres just so much ppl carrying i think well see alot more use in supportive sub classes when new dungeons come out

Since m new here and i barely know anything idk how to update replies but the way it could work with dungeons is not only dmg to the bosses but how useful u are in the entire run this would give support classes alot more use and will fix the lack of damage done to the boss which i think is fair cus it will count in if ur doing ur best with what class u have this is my idea that could work (maybe lol)

Nice idea anthony

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There should be monsters that are immune to magic damage or immune to physical damage. That would make some of these classes more useful.

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I like the idea but i dont want to share a loot toward somone counterbuting nothing towards the damageing the boss. I’d should work like this: how many mobs did you kill from duengon. How much agro did you take. How much damage from the boss did you take. How many people did you rez and heal. You get the idea. That way every role had its purpose and role .