Change the mushroom sword's perk

Enough said.

I saw this issue mentioned on the forums 20 hours ago at Rework the Paladin Mushroom Sword Fling, albeit it was posted in the wrong section of the forums.

This item is only used to troll Colosseum players. Why would you need more knockback if you have 25000 knockback score? What kind of person would even use this piece of level 13 garbage, when its perk can only be utilized past level 30?

This item should receive a new perk, alongside having a proper knockback perk implemented on a different weapon in its place.
Two handed weapons could have knockback on each spell, or just on basic attacks. Anything to get rid of this terribly designed perk.

Why does a 1 handed sword need to have a perk related to the 2 handed sword class?

Don’t know, but sacrifices damage for trolling, and no one really goes to Colosseum anymore. Also good point, but mushroom sword by itself doesn’t really do any knockback, so I don’t see a point to change it…

The Colosseum has been filled up to the point of dropping marks for the past week. That’s not a valid excuse to keep this gamebreaking item in the game.

they do it was dropping marks like it was going outta style

I’m sorry, WHAT?!?!

Why have people been farming the Colo so much?

In any event, time to start buying Marks again (I can’t seem to get a Moglo Mask, guess I’m gonna use Skull Mask).

Okay, but I don’t see why people would actually use it in colo, because you lose your marks and the opponent doesn’t get anything… also I see why rebuke is evil, mushroom sword’s perk, 15 times knockback, I did 25000 divided by 15 and therefore rebuke’s knockback is 1666.6666. (that’s the actual number)

It flings people out of the map, triggering the anti-exploit on them and kicking them from the game.

I’ve never gotten kicked from the game for getting flung but ok I’ll stop now I guess I agree

I won’t. I use it, but only when people choose to PvP me (like duel challenge), because then they should know what they’re getting into.