Change the monster book to not use RNG

I feel like the monster book shoudnt use RNG for totems or whatever they are called.

Perhaps if it was around 100 kills for a totem of a level 1 mob, it would be an actual goal and not a luck based sidequest like it is right now.

I also feel that boss totems should ALWAYS drop, but the totem goals for their drops should be a bit higher to compensate for this.

i was thinking this should be the case too

here is my suggestion for rates, ideally I would say make it dependent on their drops but that’s too specific.

  • page 1 - 1 idol per 25 kills. (this doesn’t seem like a lot, just picture it in your head for a moment)
  • page 2 - 1 idol per 50 kills.
  • page 3 - 1 idol per 75 kills. (at first i considered 100 but that was too grindy)
  • boss page - 1 idol per 5 kills (1 per kill is too easy and fast)

Also giant variants would give 1 idol per kill guaranteed to help speed it up a little.

how bout giant varient?

I said giant variants would give 1 idol per kill

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nah its good

its a good feeling when you get idol first monster you kill

I agree with Anthonychi, I don’t want it to become a quest-like thing, I want it to be random and luck based

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It’s not hard to get idols to begin with, I’m fine with how it is right now.